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Pentecostal Youth
World Network of Prayer - Prayer requests in 7 Languages, you can send your personal request here.
Global tracts/ Apostolic literature in different languages
Jerry Holland Ministries
International Churches
Apostolics in the CIS and the Baltic States
United Pentecostal Church of Belgium
Apostolische Gemeente De Rots, Beerse, Belgium
Chinese Apostolic Ministry
Mezinárodní letnicní spolecenství
International Pentecostal Fellowship, Prague, Czech Republic
Apostolic Ministry in Finland

United Pentecostal Church in Melun, France
United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain and Ireland
Crossroads / UPCI Athens, Greece
United Pentecostal Church of Italy
United Pentecostal Church of Japan (Official Web Page)
The Apostolic Church of Lebanon
United Pentecostal Church Scandinavia
Sam Latta Ministries
Online Preaching & Churches in USA:
Calvary Tabernacle Indiana/ Live Webcast & Media Archive/great online preaching
The Pentecostals of Alexandria/ Live Webcast
Life Tabernacle Mustang, Oklahoma