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When the Curtain Opens

By Pastor Raymond Wey

There are many shows in the world. Shows which provide entertainment for the audience. A lot of money is invested and preparation made to make the show as appealing as possible. The curtain is still closed - what is going to be presented? What will they see? Everything is still concealed.

 Now the curtain opens, at long last the program begins. All worries and problems are forgotten, the show now starts. There is laughter, smiles, and tears are shed, and the people's emotions are played with. The spectator is influenced by the program whether he wants to believe it or not.

This world is still performing its shows and the curtain is open. Many people think that you are talking about some show when you tell them about Jesus Christ. Jesus came to save the people, not to entertain them. The role of the church is to open the curtain of grace, so that the world can see who their Savior is, and that they are truly lost without Jesus. That God is offering them eternal life IN Jesus Christ. That now is the only chance they will have to receive eternal life, in order to escape the eternal judgment which is prepared for all those who reject God.

I wonder how Noah felt when God told him to pull back the curtain of grace. They were still able to hear about grace. No one wanted to come; they had their shows. Nobody believed him, except for seven people, who were saved with Noah. Jesus says: In the endtime, it will be just like at the time of Noah. Only a few will be saved. How did Lot feel when he ran to his friends and warned them about the judgment? They mocked and made fun of him. They were watching their own program. One day later, not one of those who did not follow Lot was alive.

How did Lot feel when they rejected him? Did he feel like a failure? Should he have cried out louder? Today, it is not Noah and it is not Lot who is calling the people to turn around, but Jesus Christ. How terrible it will be for the individual who rejects Him. Jesus says: It would have been better if that person had never been born. There is still the opportunity now to be converted.

When the last curtain has been opened, and death had played its part, it is too late to turn around because it is the curtain of judgment. On the other side, everyone definitely believes, but then it is too late for all eternity to be saved. You did have in your life all the time to turn to God, but you did not wanted to believe. This is a serious matter, it concerns your eternal life, which is so precious.   

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