Miracles never die!

When we were in Ethiopia in 1999, Pastor Ayele, pastor of the biggest church in Addis Ababa, told me this testimony when we were travelling there, how his uncle had found Jesus Christ.

For many years, his uncle was addicted to alcohol. Nobody wanted to go near him because he smelt bad and especially stunk of alcohol. It was so bad that he slept on the streets and in back yards. He spent the whole day begging, and with this money, he bought more alcohol.

One day, he visited his sister, he reeked of alcohol and was absolutely filthy; he went into the house, hoping to get some money, His sister did not give him any money because she knew that he would only get drunk again on the money. She spoke to him and said: "Don' t you realize that Jesus loves you and can change your life?" She gave him a glass of water, immediately after he had drunk it, he left the house, completely forgetting that he had gone there to beg for money. In that very same week, he had a dream as he was laying asleep between the garbage cans. In the dream, he saw an angel who came up to him and said, "Come with me, I want to show you something." He stood up and followed the angel. After they had walked for a while, they were suddenly standing in front of a very high wall, leaning against it was a ladder, which reached to the top of this wall. The angel said to him, "Climb up to the top the ladder, then you will be able to see what is on the other side."

He climbed up the ladder, and when he reached the top and looked over the wall, he was able to see the most beautiful land that he had ever seen in his life. It was a rich and abundant land. At that point, he woke up and was wondering about the meaning of the dream. He returned to his sister and asked her, "Do you believe that Jesus really loves me and is able to change my life? She replied, "Yes." He then repented, got baptized in Jesus name, and immediately received the Holy Ghost.

He never drunk a drop of liqueur in his life again, and went to church and stayed faithful for 15 years. God wanted to see how serious he meant it with Him— he ended up passing the test. He died not so long ago, having the assurance that he would see that land again which he saw way back then; afterall, miracles never die!

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