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David's Four Partners

Psalm 18:30-47

David was made king over the whole population of Israel because he had four good partners as friends. David possessed the things which pleased God and which God desires every person to have. Therefore, God took the shepherd boy David from his flock of sheep and placed him in a higher position.

David's four friends were: worship, a willingness to sacrifice, humility and obedience. Even today, these are the four things which God considers to be important. He does not allow Himself to be influenced by technology, materialism or the wisdom of a human being. God pays special attention to an individual, when He sees that these four partners of David are in his or her life.

When the first king if Israel, Saul, died in the battle against the Philistines, it was not because God was incapable of protecting him. He died because his four partners which were with him at the beginning had deserted him. True hunger for God and worship had disappeared. All traces of his readiness to sacrifice had vanished. Humility and obedience had forsaken him. It had now become his war, his fight. He wanted to go his own way and did not want to obey God. As a result, God turned away from him. The same will apply to people in this current age if they do not take care of their four partners. David was different in his relationship. He knew who he was and where he had come from. He appreciated God as his friend and remained faithful to Him!

David was successful because he watched out for his four partners. As a consequence, God was with him! David knew even before he entered into the battle that he would be victorious because his four friends and God were on his side (see Psalm 18:30-47). How is it with you? If you also let the four partners of David be your friends, you will succeed and God will bless you! We can be sure that God will help us if these four partners of David are with us daily!

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