The Passion of the Christ
(from www.focus.de) Central board vice Korn strongly criticized the Christ-film – the film over the last hours of Christ which has just started in German cinemas
Berlin - The representative chairman of the Central board of the Jews in Germany, Salomon Korn, strongly criticized Mel Gibson`s film “The Passion of the Christ”. The film does not help to bring about more understanding, Korn said on Thursday in a radio broadcasting in Berlin-Brandenburg. “At the end a person has not understood anything about the Christian message. He goes out of the film completely mixed up, asking himself whether this is the end of all the brutalities.” The brutality is presented in such a way, which he never could have imagined up until now, Korn said. “Only abnormal people could endure or enjoy that.” (AFP) 18.03.04, at 11.23 A.M.

Up until now, the Hollywood film industry has always portrayed Jesus as a poor person, who is to be pitied, and who shed a few drops of blood on his way of suffering and on the cross. Of course, nobody can represent that which happened 2000 years ago, not even with modern day technology; however, we have many clues to go by in the Bible which describe the work of Jesus and that of the church. At that time, it was no picnic to fall into the hands of the Romans and the Jews. David already said before, “I would rather fall into the hands of God than fall into the hands of man.”

Why is the vice of the Central board of the Jews annoyed about this particular film, after all, it is only a film? He says that a person goes out of the film completely agitated. He has not got the message and now he wants to prevent every other visitor of the film from getting something out of it. Does not the history of the Jews reveal how often they have fallen away from God and disappointed HIM? Not even sacrifices and eloquent prayers are able to help. If Mel Gibson had wanted to describe the Jewish authorities as they really were at that time, then several more things would have been added. Why did Mel Gibson leave out the cry of the Jews to Pilate, saying, “His blood be on us, and on our children”? Would not this be the right theology as desired by some and which explains the history of the suffering of the Jews? Pilate washed his hands, he wanted to release him. He tried everything. Jesus “comforted” him and said, “He that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.” Who was it that was behind it all? You can find the answers for yourself in the scriptures.

Pilate could never have let him go free, it did not lie in his power. This sacrificial death which Jesus chose was to fulfil His work, which HE spoke about through the prophets. Jesus already said that to Peter as he drew his sword in the garden, and also at the Last Supper. Jesus, the ONE God, who manifested himself in flesh, died for HIS PEOPLE. He did not have a people anymore after they rejected HIM. Now He would look for a new people - people from all nations and all populations! All those who are not obedient to the message of Christ will be lost. God will no longer ask whether the person is a Gentile or a Jew, all that counts is whether the person obeys HIM! For those who are disobedient to HIM, He will be their judge. That is how simple the gospel of Jesus is. HE died and suffered for a message which can set every human being free from sin and the world. Nobody else could have died this death. The whole gospel will be preached so long, up until the time when the Lord Jesus closes the door. Of course, that which is important for salvation is not preached in the traditional churches of our nation, although the traditional churches boast about their position in society. They are a part of the world.

As already mentioned, how will a Jew (this is meant not to be taken wrong) defend himself and say that they are not to blame partly for that which took place? Which of the prophets of God did the Jews not attempt to kill and stone? Already as they were in the wilderness, they wanted to return to Egypt, and it was more than just one time that they rebelled against Moses and would have killed him if God had not put a stop to it. Why did God allow them to wander around for 40 years in the wilderness and caused all those who had came out of Egypt to die, with the exception of Joshua and Caleb? Why did HE open up the earth for a certain number of them, so that they fell down into the abyss alive? What was the reason for the snakes in the wilderness? Why did they ask Samuel that they might be given a king? Why did God send the Jewish people in captivity to Babylon (2.Kings 24,15) and to Assyria (2.Kings 17,6)? Why did God permit their temple to be destroyed twice? (2. Kings 25,9 and Matthew 24,1-2) Why did the heathens rule over them and why they were slaves in their own country? Already back then, Joshua said, “Ye cannot serve the LORD” (Joshua 24,19) Why were they scattered into all nations (Zechariah 7,14)? The reason alone is that they did not please the God of Abraham and rejected Jesus already before His Coming (John 8,53-59) All those who did not love the truth (JESUS) do not want to admit this. Therefore, they are spiritually blind and will remain that way.

JESUS is the only Saviour which the scriptures talk about. The crucifixion had to take place. The Messiah is the Son of God. Jesus had to be tempted and tried and he had to suffer. He had to bear the sin of all mankind, Jews as well as Gentiles, for no one is righteous. He did this so that all those would come to HIM could be set free. The Jew is just as guilty for His death like every other person too. All of us, as a result of our sins, caused Him to have to go on the cross. Whosoever still wants to justify himself is to be pitied. Everybody must be converted to Him while they still have the opportunity. You cannot hide yourself behind eloquent words; this here is a serious matter and has to do with either heaven or hell for every one of us human beings!

The blood and the suffering of the actor of Hollywood is not real, for it is not a documentary film. However, it must have been very similar to that which was portrayed in the film!

A Catholic theologian gives his commentary in the newspaper, the “Mannheimer Morgen”, (18.03.04) whereby, he considers this film to be an offence to the Jews. Why is that? Does his wife also think the same way? And why then did the Pope bless the actor who represented Jesus? Is he an enemy of the Jews as a result? The theologian should know better. All that counts is church politics and nothing else. There is still the common belief that the people of our nation are stupid, just because they do not understand important spiritual things, which the leaders of the church hold back from them and do not even believe themselves. They are just as disobedient to the Word of God as the Pharisees were at that time. They will end up at the same place where they now are. The Bible is a means to an end for them. It all has to do with status, power and money, just like it did for them in those days. However, it is not possible to fool the One, true God.

Why do some people get annoyed about this film? Is it because it portrays brutality? No, that is not the reason. There is scarcely a film which only has a few deaths in it. In this particular film there are “merely” 4 deaths, comprising of the death of Judas, the two thieves on the cross and Jesus. One thief even receives grace and eternal life at the last minute, which he really did not expect. You see, that there are only just a few deaths? The Catholic church has more on their conscience, that is, if they happen to have one. No cock crows afterwards, and not one single devil cries out against the brutalities and the rapes, which come from his home, hell, to Hollywood and then in the cinema and finally on TV. Now, however, the cross has once again become a stumbling block for the Jews and an offence for the unbelievers, and of course, also for the devils.

It all has to do with the cross and the truth. Whether he realizes it or not, Mel Gibson has steered in the right direction with this film more than all the other previous Hollywood films. Mel Gibson did well for an amateur. Artistic? – Bah, what he wanted to say came across, at least to those who are still able to use their own brains. Dr. of Theology, here and there, who is interested in that? People need Jesus Christ and not just half the truth, which they have heard up until now, for they are lost and are on their way to hell. The traditional church does not care about that, she is bound and continues to hold many people in our country in spiritual darkness through disobedience and man made doctrines.

It was the battle of God against the powers of this world, in order to win lost mankind for Himself and HE ended up winning the battle. Paul wrote in 1. Corinthians 2,7-8: “But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: which none of the princes of this world knew: (for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory).” Do you understand what Paul is saying? The invisible powers of this world system which were working to kill Jesus Christ, made the biggest mistake that they had ever made. They know that Jesus now possesses the keys of death and hell. He can save every person and snatch them out of the hand of the devil; that is the reason why Satan is so mad, and not just in the film.

No devil can turn things back again, regarding his death on the cross. Nonetheless, since that time, there is only one thing remaining for Satan and his religious slaves, that is namely, to twist the message of the cross around and to offer people a substitute. A great fangled deception – the way is broad which leads to damnation. The fact is that many want a comfortable religion, whereby, they can do anything that they want and, at the same time, they think that they will nevertheless end up going to heaven because they happen to have a Bible on the shelf and belong to a church. That is not a joke – they really believe that.

The vice of the Central board does not believe that the film helps to bring about more understanding. Not much can be expected from him, for that what he confessed reveals that he is not a follower of Jesus Christ. He does not know the God of Abraham. His commentary is an insult for those who do not share his opinion. Few people know in this country that in this present day in Israel, it is forbidden by law (ranging up to 5 years in prison) to preach the gospel to a Jew in public! Not to mention the Moslems, they kill you and think that they are doing God a favour. Is the film shocking? Yes. Hopefully, it will shock the people so much, that they will seriously begin looking to Jesus Christ and will call upon his name. For whosoever calls upon the name of the LORD shall be saved. No doubt, this commentary also will not be embraced with open arms by lukewarm Christians.

I want to say to the God-fearing Jews, that the 2000 years of salvation time for the Gentiles will soon be over; and that the time is at hand in which God will pour out His spirit of grace upon them. Just like HE says: “…they shall look upon ME whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son.” (Zech. 12,10) Because they will then recognize HIM and know the reason why He had to go on the cross for them.

My friend, Jesus loves you. His love has nothing to do with your nationality, language, appearance, education or your origin. HE died for you so that you may also receive salvation. To follow Jesus is a voluntary and wonderful thing. Save yourself from this evil world and be obedient to His call. For HE says: Whosoever loves me, I will reveal myself to him.”

Jesus keeps His word! Believe His Word and repent of your sins. Pray to Jesus Christ, be obedient to His commandment. Be baptized in water in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Read the second chapter of the book of acts and pay particular attention to the verses 37 up until 39. Find a church which teaches and preaches the same as the early church. The blood of Jesus will never lose its power over sin and the world. Turn away from dead church tradition; it will not give you eternal life.

The Passion of Christ shows me more than blood and suffering, it shows me how great the passionate love of Jesus is for me and for others. I see that as a result of this love, He took my punishment upon him. I once was blind but now I see; and I thank HIM for this, HIM, the crucified and risen One. rw

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