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Message from the Monthly Flyer from July 2009

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On the 24th of January in 1848, James W. Marshall discovered the first gold nugget in Sutter’s Mill, on the building site of a sawmill on the ranch, New Helvetian. The ranch belonged to the Swiss, Johan August Sutter. Soon after, the first set of people from California rushed to the fields of gold. On the 19th of August, 1848, the New York Herald reported about a discovery of gold. As a consequence, in the following years, several hundred thousand people moved to California to seek their luck. Everywhere in the east of the USA, people left their jobs in order to travel to the fields of gold in California. They sold everything which they possessed and put in all that they had, just to reach these fields of gold. As a result, they endured indescribable hardships and made a lot of sacrifices. Their great hope was the gold.

Between January 1848 and December 1849, San Francisco grew from a population of 1000 to 25,000 inhabitants. A Californian newspaper had to end its publication because they had no more workers. Dozens of ships were standing before San Francisco because the sailors immediately went to the fields of gold after their arrival. In their hopeful pursuit of gold and riches - the end for most of them was only disappointment and a ruined life. If the people would only be so enthusiastic about salvation and deliverance from sin, then God would allow Himself to be found by them.

Has your place under the cross not yet been taken? How easy it is for the enemy of mankind to blind mankind, so that they only look at the temporal things of life and, thereby, forget the eternal things. They make plans about everything possible except for their eternity. Neither Sutter nor Marshall were able to profit from the gold. Marshall died completely penniless and Sutter lost the largest part of his gigantic property, which once included great areas of California.

Are you seeking for the Lord Jesus Christ today, while there is still time that He will let Himself be found? Ask Him for forgiveness and guidance for your life and your family. Put your hope in HIM, then HE will lead you. rw

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