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Message from the Monthly Flyer from June 2005

This may shock you!!
99% of all people who have been baptized have not been baptized in the right way!

“For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men.” Mark 7:8

Immersion became uncomfortable after the baptism of babies was introduced by those who had fallen away from Christianity. It developed into something which has the appearance of being a church. The true Christians were persecuted. The correct method of baptism was changed and replaced by sprinkling with water. In addition, the name of Jesus, which was called over the one being baptized up until then, was taken away and replaced with the words: "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost". As a result, it made the command of being baptized in water in Jesus' name to be of no significance.

Although many churches baptize with, or rather, in water by immersion, there is still something wrong if they cling on to the trinitarian baptism formula i.e. with the titles –“in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” They prefer to do it that way rather than following that what is in the Book of Acts (the Bible being the sole Christian authority), which is baptizing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins. Acts 2:38; 8:16; 10:48; 19:5; 22:16.

Babies were never baptized and neither were they sprinkled! As according to the Holy Scriptures, a young child is sanctified by the believing parent or parents, i.e. small children were not baptized. Otherwise the Bible would contradict itself, considering that faith and turning away from sin are the requirements for the water baptism in JESUS' name. I Corinthians 7:14; Mark 16:16.

God will not punish babies, nor will He condemn them; who is it that teaches such a thing? The Bible in any case certainly does not! Therefore, it is a waste of time to baptize babies! It is not the babies who should be obedient to God but rather their parents! Children were dedicated to the Lord and brought up in the Christian faith, until they reached the age when they could decide for themselves. It is only then that the water baptism by immersion and in the name of Jesus Christ was then carried out.

According to the Holy Scriptures, water baptism is carried out by immersion.

Jesus is our prime example
: “And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water” Matthew 3:16.

Also the apostles and disciples of Jesus: “…and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.” Acts 8:38

The water baptism in Jesus' name is a burial of our sins. “Therefore we are buried with him (that is Jesus) by baptism into death.” Romans 6:4.

Conversion, that is, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ are the requirements for baptism.

The one true baptism formula includes the name of Jesus, without the addition of the titles! The words “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” are not names but descriptions, the name is still Jesus. The apostles and Christians bear witness to the fact that the name is JESUS.

The command of Peter for water baptism was: “…in the name of Jesus Christ” Acts:2:38 and 10:48.
Also of Philip: “…in the name of the Lord Jesus” Acts 8:12 and 16.

Paul baptized “…in the name of the Lord Jesus” Acts 19:5.

Each one of them baptized in the way that Jesus wanted it to be done. Nowadays it no longer seems important to do that which Jesus commanded. Why is that the case? Who is it that is interested that you also do not get saved? If you have not yet been baptized in the biblical way, then you are among the 99% who are lost. Read the book of Acts yourself and do that what God says through his word. Do not believe those who consider themselves to be wise and are not obedient to this important commandment of Jesus! Be baptized in the name of Jesus Chirst for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38). rw

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