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Message from the Monthly Flyer from November 2010

News from the UPCI Houston –Texas –
General Conference Report 2010

Highlights (estimated, rounded –up numbers)
• Total number of those who attended: 17.500 people
• Greatest attendance number (Sunday evening):13.000 people
• Baptized with the Holy Ghost: 3.600 people
• Total number of visitors in the internet (English, Spanish, deaf): 86,000 people
• Total number of countries of the visitors in the internet 111 (English), 28 (Spanish)

Other information:
• Registrations: 11.361(without children and voluntary helpers)
• Voluntary helpers: 2.700 people
• Baptized there: 135 people
• Filled with the Holy Ghost during the children’s worship services: 94
• Filled with the Holy Ghost on the streets: 107
• Filled with the Holy Ghost via the internet in English (Text report): 356
• Filled with the Holy Ghost via the internet in Spanish ( Email report): 30 people in 11 countries
• Refilled with the Holy Ghost: 1.000
• Everywhere people received the Holy Ghost, as well as the bus driver who drove our “Street-Team” around; also a Security officer on Sunday evening, who was then immediately baptized in the name of Jesus.
• There were many healings: The daughter of a pastor from South Texas received her complete healing from deafness in one ear, which was a result of her inner organs being missing. Now she uses her cell phone with this ear.

Truly this was a repeat of the day of Pentecost, when suddenly the Holy Ghost appeared and filled a 120 people, and shortly thereafter, 3000 from different nations (Acts, chapter 2). This Conference was one of the best and greatest which has ever taken place in the United States.

It was the greatest outpouring of the Holy Ghost in one place, in a very short period of time within the United States. It was the greatest number of participants and viewers visiting the internet. It was the highest number of countries which has ever been reached through a UPCI conference. We can only say: “Thank you, God “. To Jesus be the glory!

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