Pastor and Sister Green, Pastor Wey, Mannheim 1984   Pastor Green preaching, Pastor Wey translating, Mannheim 2003


A Tribute to the Man of God

        It would not be fair, not to honor a man, who has given his whole live into the service and the work of God, for his faithfulness and love. For me and many others, who knew him, he was an example for the Christian faith. There are many stones on this earth, but only very few are precious and have great value. Brother Jimmy Green, my friend, was such a jewel. A friend, with whom you could talk and receive a clear, spiritual answer. A man, who lived with his whole house, the very thing, which the Holy Scriptures are teaching us and which he also preached. His wife and children are as close to our hearts, as he was.

        It was him who God called with his family to Germany in the year 1977. It was God who led him 1978 to the city of Mannheim, to find a place and to establish His church, to start a work, that would ultimately affect the eternal destiny of all people living here.

        After a couple of years, the LORD called Pastor Green and his family back to the United States to establish a church in a small city. After years of much toils and work, a big church was built at this place. The people over there are ready for an eternity with God, because a man, Pastor Green, was preaching them the full truth and the whole gospel. Why God has called our dear brother so early to Him, we don’t know, but His will be done.

        If you visit Angleton/Texas today, you still will find saints, that hold on to the truth that the man of God has thought them and live in this faith. When you get to know these saints and Pastor Green's family, you will understand what I have written about.

        Over there as well as here the work of God will continue, because a man of God with convictions has built it on a firm foundation, which is Jesus Christ. As we say to him, so the LORD will tell him, “Well done, you faithful servant”.

The going home of Pastor Green is a great loss for Christian Tabernacle.

Pastor R. Wey