After 30 years of renting our present church facilities, we have bought a large two story Building, which was a former furniture Store build in the early 60s. There we have room that can hold over 350 people. We are planning to make it a training center and a soul saving station for the 3.5 Million people that live in this area. We are in the process right now in renovating the ground floor first. Everyone is helping and sacrificing very much to get this work of God done. Most of it we do ourselves to save the high cost of labor.

If anyone is interested in helping us to finish the renovation please do so. We are in need of 40,000 € for material to complete this project. Thank you for your donation. God bless you abundantly.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für eine Spende

Please contact us for a donation

Apostolische Pfingstgemeinde (UPC)
Friedelsheimer Str. 14-18
68199 Mannheim
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