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The Ape Cult, or the Foolishness of the Godless People

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Genesis 1:1-2
Misunderstandings and false ideas are the result of not knowing the word of God. Confusion is bound to arise when God's word is not studied and believed. There were times when people thought that the earth was flat, and they did not believe it had the shape of a sphere. But God, who created all things in the beginning, never said anything of the kind: Since time immemorial, there have been opinions that are "in". To give just one example, many people nowadays no longer believe that it was God who created the universe. They prefer to believe that everything came into existence by itself and not by the word and at the command of the creator. Everything happened by coincidence. Such theories are ridiculous and impossible. They can be found planted in the minds of "highly developed" apes, which choose to believe that man descended from his forefather the ape. It is obvious, that the followers of the ape cult are not so developed; otherwise they would take God's word into account.

It is important to realize that God never claimed through His Word, the Bible, that:
1.   the earth was created 6000 years ago.
2.   the 6 days of creation (Genesis 1:3 to 2:25) are described by the verses Genesis 1:1-2 (See above).
3.   the earth was created in a chaotic form and over flooded, as described in verse 2 (Compare 45:18)
4.   the earth was created, as described in verses 3 and 4. The earth, however, was already there in the beginning (verse 1) and was preserved through the flood.

Up until this period of time, none of the days are yet included as being part of the 6 days of creation, which actually happens to be a new creation. The new creation (6 days) is the restoring of life on this earth, which had been wiped out by divine judgement (Isaiah 14:12; 2 Peter 3:4-6). God tells us (10 times in Genesis chapter 1) that all creatures, men, animals, and plants received the capability to multiply, each as according to its own kind like HE made in the beginning. Not one element of creation whatsoever can break this law of God! It is a law of nature that absolutely nothing can develop into something more intelligent and better by itself than what it already is. We also definitely know that all intelligent life and matter never originated from unintelligent molecules. The wealth of creation did not arise from inferior powers, but by the word of an intelligent creator who is called JESUS, before whom every knee shall bow.

1. Only the earth is said to be without form and void, but not the universe.
2. The appearance of the earth reveals traces of a catastrophe.
3. The Hebrew expressions, "Tohu Wa Bohu", mean without form and void, and are used to describe a condition that was brought about by divine judgment. The same applies in both the only other texts, where these words appear in the same combination (Isaiah 34:21 and Jeremia 4:23)
4. If such a prehistorical divine judgment did exist, it would throw some light on Satan's fall, and upon the special relationship, which he seems to have to earth.
5. This observation proves that the earth was created at a time, which is unknown to us. It was the original creation and ended with the divine judgement of a worldwide flood and darkness. That was the condition of the earth, "...the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, " before God made everything new.
6. During the period of the original creation up until the divine judgment, life existed on this earth. The fossils, "bones of dinosaurs" and other animals, and also of the world of plants confirm this.
7. The Bible teaches that man was created by God as a highly developed being, with a body of flesh, spirit and soul.
8. Dead matter cannot bring forth life, only that which has life can produce life.
9. From the billions of fossils and living organisms, there is no evidence whatsoever that one species can bring forth another species. In addition, the so-called "animals, which link up" are, on closer observation, not connecting links in reality.
10. Everything, which reproduces itself, only duplicates it own species. A lowly worm does not become a higher developed creature but remains a worm.


Huxley said: "It is clear that the teachings of evolution conflict with the version of creation. If evolution continues to be accepted, it makes it all the more impossible to believe in the Bible."
Spencer taught: "Evolution is purely mechanical and nothing supernatural happened."
Ernst Häckel said: "The entire idea of there being a supernatural work and there being a personal character linked up with this, is eliminated by the theory of evolution. "
Darwin said: "The more organs that there were existing and the more complex that their instincts developed, the greater was the sum of innumerable individual changes. Every small change was good for the organ involved. "

The advocates of evolution agree that a true evolutionist cannot be a believing Christian. There is no room for God in the doctrine of evolution, and there is no reason to believe in heaven, or in hell in this speculating teaching. If everything came into existence by coincidence - that implies without a God - then there is no need for the salvation of the human race, which has fallen away from God. Those that are in the church and are trying to bring the theory of evolution into one accord with the Bible, do not know the power of God's Word.

The teaching of evolution is a bankrupt, speculating philosophy and is not a scientific fact!
The teaching of the creation by God is sensible and is a scientific fact.

Again - the Bible never claims:
1. That the beginning means 6000 years. (Otherwise, the entire creation would not be older than 6000 years)
2. That the earth was created 6000 years ago.
3. Nor that the earth was created on the third day, as could be understood by the verses found in Genesis 1:9-13. This is not the case because the earth was already there at the beginning (verse 1) and was preserved throughout the flood.
4. That the six days of creation - Genesis 1:3 until 2:25 - also includes the verses found in Genesis 1:1-2.
5. That the earth at the beginning was created as a chaos and over flooded.
6. That the creation of the universe and all life came about through a series of coincidences, but rather that it came into existence by the Word of God and is maintained by His Word.(rw)

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