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The true story about the birth of Jesus

Bible study: The True Story about the Birth of Jesus

Introduction: Man-made religious tradition controls and influences the behaviour and the pattern of thinking of an individual. However, knowing the truth, which the Word of God brings across, can set a person free from tradition and helps to correctly judge what the truth is.
For example: Usually during Christmas time, Christmas trees are bought and placed in the living room with a small stable underneath. In the stable there are figures such as 3 kings, shepherds, sheep, goats, cows, a manger with a baby, and Mary with Joseph.
Tradition tells the Bible story in this way – that 3 kings from the Orient came to Bethlehem and visited baby Jesus in the stable, also the shepherds etc.

However, from all of that, what is really true, what is tradition and what does the Bible say?
* A person has the option of different things when they have taken tradition on and are guided by it.
* A person can either hold on to it, defend it and say: “That´s the way it always was and we´re going to keep it that way.”“There´s nothing wrong with it”, or a person can prove what he believes and practice it.
* The truth is in the Word of God. No matter how a person decides, he will only first be free from tradition when he chooses truth.

*Truth requires us to re-think. This change in the pattern of thinking of an individual will be visible in our behaviour and conversation.

Please answer the following questions:

What happened in Bethlehem?
* Who was born?
* Who visited the child in the manger?
* Who saw the star in the East and followed it?
* Where did they no longer see the star?
* What did the wise men do when they no longer saw the star?
* Who did they visit in Jerusalem and with whom did they speak?
* Where did the wise men from the Far East then go?
* What did the angel happen to say to the wise men?
* What did the angel say to Joseph in the dream?
* What did Mary with Joseph do and where did they go?
* How old was the child when they left Bethlehem?
* When did they bring baby Jesus to the temple for the dedication?
* Where did Mary and Joseph go thereafter?
* From which place did Mary and Joseph leave to go to Egypt?

Read now the chapters about the birth of Jesus and follow the course of events for yourself, as it is written in two of the gospels:

here to read the scriptures from the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25 and chapter 2 and also Luke, chapter 2

The correct order of events of the birth of Jesus:
1. The birth of Jesus takes place in a stable in Bethlehem during the census of Caesar Augustus.
2. The shepherds on the fields of Bethlehem make their way to Mary in the stable after hearing the angel´s message. They see the newborn baby laying in the manger.
3. After the days of the cleansing, between 8 and 15 days, Mary and Joseph travel to Jerusalem to the temple and present their child in order to dedicate him to the Lord.
4. Afterwards they both return to Nazareth, and not to Bethlehem, in THEIR city, there where Mary and Joseph live. Several months go by.
5. Wise men (not kings) from the East appear there in Jerusalem and ask Herod where the newborn king of the Jews is to be born. (an unknown number of wise men; nowhere is it written that there were three, neither does the Bible mention any names; their names are unknown)
6. Herod calls the scribes and finds out that the prophets refer to Bethlehem. As a result, Herod sends them there; and asks them to inform him, after having found the child in Bethlehem.
7. They leave Jerusalem and make their way to Bethlehem. Outside of Jerusalem they see the star again which leads them on. This star guides them to the house of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth, and not into a stable in which the child is supposed to be.
8. They worship Him and leave their gifts there. While they are sleeping overnight, God speaks to them in a dream; telling them that they should immediately turn around and no longer go back to Jerusalem because Herod is looking for the child so that he can kill it.
9. Shortly after, an angel appears in a dream to Joseph in Nazareth und commands him to flee to Egypt and to remain there. Being loaded with enough gifts, such as gold etc. they seek the quickest way to Egypt (and stay there until Herod dies)
10. Herod is wondering why the wise men from the Orient have not yet returned to give him a report. He assumes that the kings are in Bethlehem. Therefore, he decides to send soldiers to Bethlehem, where the little child Jesus is supposed to be. He orders all the children that are under the age of two to be killed. (Why was it not the children at the age of 6 months or a year old?) The reason is that he found out roughly how old the child must be. The exact age of the little child at this time is not given in the Bible.
a. Herod probably received a list of the people who were at Bethlehem for the census. It is very likely that the baby Jesus was also recorded there.
b. The child Jesus was not among the murdered children, for he was already on the way to Egypt, or perhaps they had already arrived there (by ship?)
c. After Herod died they returned to Nazareth. (rw)