God's plan of salvation / Gottes Plan der Erlösung
(PDF, 31.3 KB, Burmese, 2 pages)

4 steps to salvation / 4 Schritte zur Erlösung

(PDF, 317 KB, Burmese, 3 pages)
this tract in color/ dieses Traktat in Farbe


Why we worship the way we do / Unsere Art der Anbetung
(PDF, 70.8 KB, Burmese, 1 page)
See this tract in English (pdf)


Water Baptism in Jesus Name / Wassertaufe in Jesus Namen

PDF, 401 KB, Burmese, 4 pages (download takes a little time/download dauert)


The Holy Ghost

PDF, 455 KB, Burmese, 4 pages (download takes a little time/download dauert)
this tract in color / dieses Traktat in Farbe

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