When asked what three things the western church could provide for the church in China, a humble pastor responded, "Number one, prayer — number two, prayer — and number three, prayer."
Things of material value were in his grasp for the asking but, understanding the value of a praying people, this Chinese pastor could only imagine what could be accomplished when the church came together in prayer. The request of yesterday remains the request of today.

Prayer is essential for the following areas:
  Pray for the protection of our brethren who face arrest, interrogation, and at times, prison sentences for their zeal to preach the gospel.
  Pray for the families of those who are arrested - much like in your own nation, a person who is arrested becomes a stigma of society (the community does not understand anything except what they are told and the officials speak against the Lord's faithful in a negative light).
  Pray for our translation team as they endeavor to translate Apostolic material. Pray that funds will be readily available to distribute the much needed literature into the hands of believers.
  Pray that leaders will rise up with a sincere desire to lead groups of people in a greater understanding of the Word of the Lord.
  Pray that signs and wonders will continue to be manifested for the strength of the church and the conversion of new souls. The rapid growth of the church demands this.
  Pray for government officials on the county, municipal, provincial, and national levels. Many of the directives handed down from the central government are abused by local officials and thus cause a greater persecution of the church.

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