United Pentecostal Church, North East India
Rev. Ellic Hnehzova
P.O.Box-66, Shillong, Meghalaya, India

PDF Format, 9 pages, 61.87 KB, Telugu
Foundation stones of the Christian faith / Grundsteine des christlichen Glaubens

PDF Format, 6 pages, 77.16 KB, Telugu
The oneness of God / Die Einheit Gottes

PDF Format, 32 pages, 105.30 KB, Telugu
Biblical names and their meaning / Biblische Namen und ihre Bedeutung

This tract as PDF, 1 page, 339 KB, Telugu
This tract in English (html)
Gods Plan of Salvation/ Gottes Plan der Erettung

This tract as PDF for printing and folding
PDF Format, 1 page, 365,36 KB, Telugu
Gods Plan of Salvation/ Gottes Plan der Erettung
(PDF format for printing:. To make two tracts, print out once, then flip paper over end for end so that the bottom of one side prints on the top of the second side)

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