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Miracles still happen - Ethopia 1


Miracle Report of our trip to Ethopia
See, what the LORD has done!


We had the privilege of attending the annual conference of the United Pentecostal Church in Ethiopia this year. We saw and experienced so much that it would not be possible to describe everything in a few words. The first impression that we received was at the airport, when the brothers and sisters from the local branch of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia greeted us with great joy. We surveyed the extreme materialistic poverty of the people, but also the immense spiritual wealth. In this country, our church is very large, comprising of approximately one million Christians who have been baptized in Jesus' name and filled with the Holy Ghost, in accordance with Acts 2:38.

When we eventually reached Wara with many other Christians, over 200, 000 believers were already there. By the following day, more than 400,000 people had gathered. Many of them were so poor that they did not even have shoes on their feet. However, by looking at their faces, you could clearly see how rich they were spiritually - and that they had Christ in their lives. They came with the intention to worship God in the services. Others came to receive healing and deliverance, and God gave it to them.

It was probably just the same way in the days of the Bible-when people gathered together to hear about Jesus and to receive healing. In the coming editions of the monthly newsletter, we will report about miracles which we saw and heard during our visit there.

All things considered, what the Christians in Europe have lost throughout the centuries can be found there: Faith, truth, brotherly love, and apostolic preaching with signs and wonders.

Nothing Is Impossible With God

A woman, about 40 years old, came to the front with tears of joy to testify how God healed her. Jesus had done great things for her. She told the congregation and the people who knew her, that she had a "Utres tumor" in her womb. In all these past years no help came from nowhere. Then she heard about Jesus and came to the local church and received her healing from the LORD. She "gave birth" to a tumor (7 years?)! She actually saw this tumor go out of her body! Praise the wonderful name of Jesus.

Miracle Report of our trip to Ethopia 2