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Miracle - healing


The young national preacher in Swaziland was kneeling in the early morning, as was his custom, when God impressed him to get up and go to the big government hospital in Mbabane, the capital city of Swaziland. He was not aware of why he must go, but he found several people needing prayer. After all, it was normal to go and pray for people at the hospital. After he had prayed for the people, God impressed him to go upstairs to the children's ward.

In the children's ward, he found a mother sitting by the bedside of her ten-year-old daughter. As he prayed for the child, not knowing what was wrong with her, the Lord spoke through him and said, "Today I am going to heal every broken bone in your body. Tomorrow morning you will be dismissed from this hospital."

He could hardly believe what he was hearing, and the mother was so astonished that she started crying, while recounting the car accident in which her daughter had almost all of her bones broken. The doctors had told her that there was no way they could save her child. After God had spoken, the little girl opened her eyes that night, turned over in bed, put her feet on the floor, and began to play as if nothing had ever happened to her. She was dismissed from the hospital the next morning.

We baptized that precious mother, and God filled her with the Holy Ghost. The girl is in our Sunday school today, and this is just one more reason why we say that "miracles still happen."
(by Mack Carpenter, Swaziland, Global Witness, April-June 92)

This miracle report is more than a decade old, but miracles never die..., and praise God, miracles still happen and can happen at any time - also in your life!
But it did not just happen - somebody was praying!

When you are going through hard times - remember this song:
Jesus is the one, who loves me, Jesus is the one who cares,
Jesus is the one who answers every of my prayer,

He will never leave me, He'll be always there,
When I have my doubts and fears,
Jesus is the One who cares!

God bless you!