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This is part of a testimony from Sis. Freeman

Moving into the dimension of friendship with Jesus made a tremendous change in me. Having lived most of my Christian life in Anxiety Alley I'm thankful to report a change of address. Now, for over fifteen years, I have resided on Hallelujah Boulevard, and I love it!

Sis Freeman noticed a definite change in her husbands prayers and his attitude. His prayers sounded like a casual conversation with a friend, and problems that I thought should concern us both deeply seemed barely to touch him. I could not believe that God meant for anyone to be that joyful every waking moment, or to sleep that soundly.

One day I asked him: How could you tell that preacher on the phone that his urgent problem is solved after you prayed a three-sentence, unemotional prayer to your Friend? - He answered me, "There are times to fast and pray, and there are times to simply believe." I continued to ask, "And what is this "friend-business"? Don't I have a friend?" he answered. He said, "you would not have made it this far if Jesus had not been your friend. The only problem is, after you take your problems to the Lord, you still insist on carrying the load.....and you fail to let Him be the friend to you He wants to be." After this conversation with her husband Sis Nona Freeman went thru a trial so that she could truly understand the words her husband spoke. Being in Africa there were constant wars, coups, or counter coups going on at any one time. She hit panic level and quickly prayed," God if You don't help us now, we will never get out of here alive!" Her heart was pounding furiously as she looked for a way of escape.

"Remember ME?", a still small voice whispered, "I am your friend. I gave you a solemn promise that I would be with you always, even unto the end of the world, but you act like you have been forsaken. Your prayer sounded very much like hysteria. Calmly tell me the problem." After she acknowledged His presence, she described the situation. HE asked her what she wanted Him to do. She said either let the earth swallow up all the armies or let fire and brimstone fall on them! The LORD gently assured her He would handle the situation according to His wisdom, and suddenly the danger disappeared.

United Pentecostal Church Mannheim