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Pastor Abeje, sharing the Word of God with us in Nazareth/Ethiopia
On our long bus ride from Addis Ababa to Wara (where the annual national Conference of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia, [ACE] took place) in the Southern part of Ethiopia, I asked Pastor Abeje, who is a pastor in the ACE (and was a former priest in the Orthodox Church), if he would share some testimonies and miracles that the LORD has done in his ministry. He is a very meek and humble man of God, not possessing much of the things of this world. He didn't even have a motor bike (he hitch-hiked or traveled in overcrowded buses) when he went out around country side to preach the Gospel in the villages (and to baptize thousands in the name of Jesus) nor did he posses a camera, or a cassette player etc. But what this man of God truly possesses, is authority in Jesus Christ and His favor.

Out of many great things, that the LORD has done for him and through him I will tell you about this miracle he has experienced.

At that time there was a political Government in power, which persecuted the church and had given laws and restrictions to keep people under their control. One of these restrictions did not allow any person to be on the road at a certain time (curfew). Pastor Abeje was in a prayer meeting that night, that lasted until about 11:00 hrs PM. On his way home a military jeep passed by, some soldiers went off the jeep and beat him unmercifully and threw him into jail. There he laid on the prison floor, full of pain and he lifted up his eyes unto the Lord and prayed: "You see what happened to me, Lord. Have I done anything wrong?"

Then he heard a gentle sound, something like a sound of a calm move of the wind. When he looked up again a couple of moments later, to his amazement he found himself laying in the hallway on the floor of his little house. His brother laying asleep in the house, woke up and seeing him was terrified and started to rebuke him, thinking that there is an evil spirit in his room, well aware that the door and the windows were locked and nobody could have access to the house. Pastor Abeje calmed him down and assured him of being his brother. Then he shared his supernatural experience with him, praising and glorifying God, giving thanks to Jesus, whose promise not to leave nor to forsake him has been proven over and over again. Glory to God!

We passed many very poor villages, while moving towards Wara and the poverty of these places really grieved us. But when I checked with Pastor Abeje, whether there are churches in these towns, he always had a big smile on his face and told me about the miracles and blessings, which the Lord had bestowed upon His people there.

Many of these churches were built in a very short time, because people saw the great miracles happening there. These supernatural healings of their neighbors and friends whom they knew and who had been sick for many years (not with a flue or a headache, but blind or crippled or with other helpless diseases) being now instantly healed in Jesus name, drew big crowds.

I know, there might be some people out there reading this having doubts! But you need to understand that our God is almighthy - there are no small or great miracles in His sight, He can do anything. - And He does it for the meek, the faithful and humble.

United Pentecostal Church Mannheim