January-February 2005

Democratic Republic of Congo (Grosbach)
In one overnight prayer meeting sixty-two attended, three visitors were delivered from demons, and two received the Holy Ghost.
On Sunday morning a new convert’s class was introduced and six were baptized in Jesus name.

Guinea (A. Stewart Reporting)
Through the efforts of the Liberian church a fourth preaching point has been established in this frontier field.

Ghana (Poitras & Sisco)
A new work in Christian Village yields seventy in attendance, thirty baptized in Jesus name, and ten receiving the Holy Ghost.
Twenty-six Bible school teachers, from four West African nations, met in Ghana for a one week Faculty Education program. They have been challenged to return to their countries, and train the next generation of church leaders.

Liberia (Stewart)
The headquarters’ church had a 2005 first Sunday attendance of 1014.
Forty-three were baptized in Jesus name.

Madagascar (C. Richardson)
During a recent Preacher’s Conference, nineteen graduated from the Bible school.

Nigeria (Nickerson & McLean)
In a small village crusade twenty-seven came forward to be baptized in Jesus name.
Bible school classes have started in their new facility.

Sierra Leone (C. Conteh reporting)
265 were baptized in Jesus name in Sierra Leone in the past two months.

Tanzania (Smoak & Robertson)
In a regional youth seminar 130 attended, eleven received the Holy Ghost, and four were baptized in Jesus name.
Pastors and Saints seminar in new area with eighty-eight in attendance, nine baptized in Jesus name, and eight were filled with the Holy Ghost.
Another seminar yielded two people receiving their healing, a Trinitarian converted, and two Muslim women repenting and preparing to be baptized in

Uganda (Royer)
Two hundred attended the second annual Youth conference, including fifty orphans.
Twenty-seven were filled with the Holy Ghost and seven were baptized in Jesus name.
A recently baptized pastor in SW Uganda has baptized over thirty-five and twenty-eight have received the Holy Ghost. He is pioneering a new church close to the Uganda/Rwanda border.
A key pastor in rebel-troubled North has baptized two more Trinitarian pastors.
This has caused their parent organization to label us as a cult and banning our pastors from contact with their churches.
Thank God for the free advertising.
A traveling evangelist has had over thirty receiving the Holy Ghost in recent weeks.
The Children’s Christmas program with forty participating brought a host of first-time visitors to the Central Church.

Zambia (Abernathy)
To close out the year a series of weekend Harvest services were planned in local churches.
252 received the Holy Ghost as pastors sowed the seed, and reaped the harvest.

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim