Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim

How did I come to the Lord?

My name is Daniel K. A.. I come from Togo, where I was born in 1973. After completing my A-levels (1996), I decided to take a course on German linguistics at the University of Lome (Toga), where I studied until the beginning of the year 2000.

Already as a small child, I always attended the Catholic church on Sundays with my brothers and sisters. After that I had to go to a Catholic school, where I learnt even more about the Catholic faith. We even had lessons about religion at school. Every Thursday each pupil had to go to church; therefore, we had fellowship with other pupils. We sang and worshipped God. Later on I read and studied from the Bible, and was then baptized and had confirmation in the Catholic church. Therefore, already at an early age, I had acknowledged that there is an almighty God who is ruling over all of us. Whoever trusts and follows him, would end up receiving eternal life. That is the reason why I continued to seek the Lord.

When I came to Germany as a student, on May the 29th in the year 2000, I still continued going sometimes either to the Protestant or the Catholic church. However, I did not receive any inner joy and peace there like the Lord Jesus had promised us. I noticed that something was missing in my life. 1 had not yet found that which 1 had been looking for the whole time. The Lord Jesus Christ can give us everything which we need. 1 had simply done too little for the Lord.

After the death of my both my parents my faith became even stronger. Before that time I had planned to study and then work thereafter, in order to take care of my parents who were getting older. Although I had already experienced more from the Lord, my parents were still nevertheless my main priority. At that time I had put my parents first and foremost. That was a mistake because God should be our main priority in life. God should always be put first in our lives. It was no coincidence that I had decided to follow the Lord. He had chosen me to be His child and servant. As a result, I will have problems if I do not do what He tells me to do.

After the death of my mother in 2005 (I came to Germany when my father died in the year 2000), my search for the Lord Jesus was even more intense. He had also blessed and granted me a lot of grace, He has always led me because He is a patient God. As a result, I began to look in the Internet for a new church of God where I could learn more about Him. Through the web site I came in contact with the church in Mannheim and I rang Pastor Wey up. He invited me to the worship service. During the worship service, I felt the presence and wonderful Spirit of God; since then I have continued to go to this church, where I also have fellowship with the dear brothers and sisters. The Lord Jesus died for all of us and bore our sins on the cross, so that we could be set free and redeemed. I decided to follow Jesus because I want to be saved through Him.

I was baptized in Toga in the Catholic church. However, in the Pentecostal church in Mannheim I was baptized in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, as the Bible commands us to do. Thereafter, our Lord Jesus Christ also gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit. I spoke in tongues and the Lord is still continuing to bless me. I even have the privilege of being able to sing in the choir in the Mannheim church.

By the grace of God, our dear Pastor Wey gave us the opportunity to hold a French worship service in the church here in Mannheim, of which I was also permitted to take part in. This all took place by the grace of God. I am weak. Our Lord Jesus Christ is almighty. We cannot do anything without Him. He has not yet finished with us. If we humble ourselves before Him, He can make us what He wants us to be. To Him alone belongs all praise, worship and honour for all eternity. May the Lord bless and keep you. Br. DKA

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim