Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim

Testimony/excerpt from Nona Freeman's book, Then Came the Glory
(In Ethiopia) nomad moslems live in a vast area appointed them by the government. Their lifestyle and stiff distrust of strangers have made it almost impossible to reach them with the gospel. An angel came to one of them and said, "Go to Valea in Jemjem."

When the Lord spoke to Hiele Gamede to take strange nomads the Word of God, he knew they could easily kill him. He fasted and prayed earnestly before attempting to obey. He walked into a group of them with his Bible in his hand and began to read to them chapter after chapter.

The Nomads did not hinder him. The Lord made them think this man is one of us. But when he began to speak, they started yelling and screaming and rolling on the ground. Gamede spent several busy moments rebuking the devil who possessed everyone of them.

When the last person got deliverance, the Holy Ghost fell, and, not knowing what was happening to them, eighty-six ex-Moslems received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

This started an outstanding revival among the Moslems that continues to spread across the countryside.

The daughter of a well-known Moslem leader suffered horrible attacks from Satan. Her father observed the power manifested by the Apostolics and said, "I do not want to convert to this new religion, but I will give them my daughter and perhaps they can help her."

With her father present, Brother Gamede prayed for the daughter and she received instant healing and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. Her father is now a troubled man, trying to avoid surrender to Jesus.

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Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim