United Pentecostal Church Mannheim

by Robert K. Rodenbush, Regional Director

The 75 nations of the Europe and Middle East Region play a very strategic role in world affairs. Almost daily world attention is focused on this part of the world as struggles for power and economic control is decided and carried out. Additionally, wars and fear of terrorism and mass destruction dominate the headlines. All of this has made the work of the church in these nations very unique, often dangerous and certainly challenging.

It was in the Middle East where Jesus was born and where the Pentecostal experience was first poured out. It was Europeans that for centuries diligently took the gospel around the world and courageous missionaries spilled their blood to spread Christianity across a hundred borders, including to North America. But sadly it is a different story today!

Though Europe can boast of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world and quaint church buildings dot every European village, they are only historic showpieces and remain mostly empty. Europeans are often apathetic about religion, content to have their name on a church membership role and use their cathedrals and churches for baptism of babies, weddings and funerals. To the north and east in the region, former Soviet Union countries under the still strong communist influence struggle to accept the concept of God whom they were told for centuries did not exist. It is difficult for them to trust anyone, especially the many religious groups and cults that have penetrated their countries since the Iron Curtain fell. In the Middle East, entire countries declare themselves as Muslim nations and will not tolerate propagation of Christianity. They worship Allah and dedicate themselves to propagating the doctrines of Islam throughout the world. All of this presents a tremendous challenge to Christian workers. Some have even declared that revival will not happen in this part of world because of past atrocities and sins. Some accept the challenges and difficulty of the task as an impossible one.

But is God finished with Europe and the Middle East? NO! Although for years this part of the world has definitely been one of the most difficult areas to penetrate with the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, we believe that God wants Europe and the Middle East back! He is not finished in this vast region with its 75 nations and 1.2 billion people. Wherever there is a lost soul, the mercy and love of God reaches for them. There is nothing impossible with God! Faithful preachers and believers have prayed, fasted, witnessed and worked hard for many years in this part of the world, sometimes with very little results. But their labor has not been in vain. Now revival is happening like never before!

Forty brand new countries have been opened for the United Pentecostal Church in the region in the past twenty years! These countries now have an evangelistic outreach and churches or a group of believers that meet together in Jesus Name! Hundreds are receiving the Holy Ghost yearly and new churches are being established. Reports like this have been unheard of in the Europe/ Middle East Region until now.

We believe that the Lord is quickly bringing to pass fulfillment of prophecy for His soon coming. Every event suddenly takes on new meaning when looked at in the context of God's plan being fulfilled. We believe that the Lord is giving this part of the world one more chance and is bringing revival in fulfillment of the prophecy recorded in Joel 2:28, "I will pour my spirit upon ALL flesh." Let's keep praying and witnessing and working! Let's rejoice together over every soul saved! God is not finished with Europe and the Middle East! rkr

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim