Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim

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Testimony/excerpt from Nona Freeman's book, Then Came the Glory
(Part 2)
The Work In Bale, by Pastor Lencha

One day in my garden I felt like praying but my mouth closed tightly and I couldn't open it for half an hour. Finally, I prayed in my heart, Oh Jesus, show me your way.

Three days later my heart leaped within me as I read Acts 2:1-4 and a loud voice in my ear said, Didn't you ask me to show you my way? I understood the God of heaven is leading me, though I did not know what to do. He sent Sister Emote Wadisso to my house to open the Word to me, it agreed with the vision and I believed.

I knew I had to be baptized, but I delayed three months. Instructions came clearly in a night vision, Is cold food good to eat? Arise and be baptized in my name! I prayed four hours begging the Lord, Please don't come before I can get baptized. I walked eight hours to get to Dawit Toshe's house to be baptized and asked him to make it as quickly as possible. The sight of river delighted me, I hurried into the water and put on Christ. It seemed like paradise to have my sins remitted in His name and I rejoiced with all my might.

The church gave me the responsibility of taking this God-revealed gospel to my district...

Brother Tekle wrote a tract titled, Do You Want to Be Saved? I gave a copy to a communist teacher; it made him so angry he threw it away and lent his Bible to some one to get it out of his house. He then displayed bulletins and books of the revolution prominently in attractive folders. That night as he slept an angel beat him with a big whip, saying, You put the word of men in a nice folder; what did you do with the Word of God?

Early the next morning he sent a message to one of the saints, "Because I threw away the tract, an angel beat me all night. I want Lencha; where is he?"

Since other commitments detained me, I couldn't go but I sent a message, "If it is the Lord, you will be beaten again tonight; if it is Satan, he will not return."

With a troubled heart, he asked his wife to help him and they searched in vain the whole night for the tract. The next morning he said, "I may die today, swallowed by fear if I don't do something. I've got to see Lencha."
We got together that day and when I explained the gospel he gladly obeyed and today, no longer a communist, he lives as a friend of God.

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim