Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim
In September 2003 I flew with a sister from our church to Kenya to visit her family there and because I wanted to see more of the country, I went on a 5 day Safari.
Looking out of the safaripark bus, whose roofs can be opened out upwards, people have a good and safe view of the wild animals. It was impressive to see how the elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes etc. were running about in herds in the steppe. A lion was once lying in a grass strip directly beside the road. Our bus stopped, but the lion remained in the grass undisturbed. To see a lion so close to the bus was a great experience.

One day, when we reached our camp where we were lodging after an eventful day, I had a very special experience. Our bus had to stop in a village not very far from the safari park to be repaired. In the meantime, I went for a walk to stretch my legs; whereby I met a Massai (member of the East-African nomad people) in his typical national costume and a rod in his hand as sign of his honour. We talked in English and we both asked one another questions. My idea was that the Massais worship natural gods; therefore, I was extremely surprised, that he believed in Jesus Christ as the almighty God and was a born again Christian, as the book of Acts teach the plan of salvation in Acts 2:38 and in many other chapters in the book of Acts. He was delighted to see my bewildered face, and then he showed me the stone-house with a red roof, where an American missionary lives, who preaches the apostolic truth to the Massais and works among them. The house serves as a meeting-place, and also there are plans for a school for children. I had to think of all the people in Europe and elsewhere, who are so rich in material goods, but don't know anything about the essential things of life.

Then I told him about our cook in the camp, who had astonished me during a conversation that we had about his great belief in God. The Massai-chief promised me that he would get in contact with the cook and would take him along to the mission-house. In the evening when I told the cook my news with great expectations he was so deeply touched that he cried out, "Oh, how great God is and nothing is impossible for Him! God has sent you from so far away to come to me, so that I can hear the full truth and get saved."
He thanked me so often and I was on the verge of tears when he told me that he would contact the Massais as soon as possible. Thank you Lord, you have sons and daughters out of all nations and I am so priviliged to be a part of your family! (I.S.)

Thank You, Lord, that Your divine light once touched my earthly life.
In reward for this love from heavenly worlds You were born in my heart.
Therefore, I will honour and praise You and show love to my fellow-creatures.
Thank You, that in dark seasons I may be a light-carrier for eternity. (I.S)
PS: Sons and daughters of God out of every nation - did you know, that there are great numbers of Christians in Iraq, baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost? (...and this even under the reign of despot Saddam...) Who can hinder the Lord to build His church? The Bible says, that not even the gates of hell, will prevail against us! (Matthew 16:18)

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim