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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
Africa, Part 1(other regions will follow)

African Region –
1. After trying for 17 years to get the UPC registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and therefore allowing them the opportunity to obtain resident visas there, both have been accomplished, reports Missionary Ted G.. He also reports that there are twenty-five independent church pastors that were qualified in a two-week pastor’s course and many of these along with their some 2000 members are ready to join the UPC of the DRC. As of July 1, 2002 12 churches have joined the UPC. Update on DRC: In the capital city of Kinshasa, Congo we are currently finishing up various levels of teaching with 22 pastors and their congregations prior to their joining us. November 14, 2002 Brother G. reported in an e-mail to me “we have made contact with him (legal representative which is the head of his organization) and he claims to have many groups. We have held several seminars with them here in Lubumbashi and just recently we have baptized his Executive Committee of the pastors and elders in Lubumbashi, and are now awaiting baptism for the remaining hundreds of saints. I am currently in the process of teaching the local pastors and executive Committee members on Acts 29 as part of the Pastoral Training Course we are offering to them, before finalizing their participation in the UCP of Congo. It’s working!” Brother G. reports on October 4, 2003 in his monthly letter that “We have already baptized 11 of these pastors, apostles, etc. as well as the wife of one of the pastors!” (See also Updated Message from DRC/Dec 04)

2. On June 6th of this year it was reported by Jim P. in the African Aflame editor of African Revival Briefs that missionaries Adams met with fifteen pastors in the Central African Republic that are interested in becoming a part of the UPC. This is a brand new country for the UPC. The number of countries without a UPCI work is beginning to be reduced. In this country on Feb. 22, 2003, Brother Adams reports that there was a seminar in this NEW field with 120 pastors, evangelists and church leaders. 34 were baptized in Jesus’ Name.

3. In Nigeria, Missionaries N., McL. and G. report that in the last months there have been over 900 Trinitarian pastors baptized in Jesus Name. This last week Brother N. was at WEC for inbound orientation and reported that just a few days ago 10 more were baptized. Missionar N. also informed us that over 200 are enrolled in our Bible School program. One church with some 4 million constituents is looking our way in Nigeria. Just received an e-mail in March 2003 that there were over 200 trinitarian pastors in another seminar and 22 were baptized. Due to lack of transportation they were not able to baptize more. But they will. March 3, 2003 another e-mail from Missionar Jerry McL. “The numbers are not all in yet, but approximately 550 attended the seminars, including about 200 pastors or overseers, and approximately 100 were baptized”
On July 6, 2003 Missionary Jerry McL. reports that “During the first week of June, I taught a Oneness Seminar to a local church congregation in Makurdi. 33 were baptized in Jesus’ Name including two neighboring pastors. Five men have submitted applications to license and affiliate their churches with the UPCI.”
On July 4, 2003 Missionary N. reports “Just yesterday we had another Trinitarian preacher from our Estate come to our home with the invitation for us to preach in his church. We have baptized another 30 or more preachers this past three weeks”
On August 4, 2003, Brother Nickerson reports concerning three Oneness seminars in Lagos “It was one of the greatest Seminars we’ve ever had. It was so exciting to watch the 439 Trinitarian preachers and workers receive the Revelation of “Who Jesus is” They just had no questions! God made it plain to them! There were 42 of them baptized at the seminars before we left and many others were to follow” “The count we have is up over the 1,100 mark, but….weekly we have others coming to us saying that they too have been baptized by their fellow preachers in their area where we held Seminars.”
(Mission Report from Monte S.)
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