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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
Africa, Part 2(other regions will follow)

African Region –
1. Zimbabwe - On June 6th it was reported that a Trinitarian group in Epworth has seen the truth and twenty-one member of that church have been baptized in Jesus’ Name. Missionaries S. are rejoicing over this.

2. In Uganda in 1998 a man by the name of Patrick G. was baptized by a man that had some association with a church out of Des Moines, Iowa. He thought that he was the only one that believed this message but recently discovered the UPC while passing one of our churches and felt impressed to go in. He is now part of the Mobile Bible School in Uganda. In the Mobile Bible school 16 students just received the Holy Ghost and in that number was another Trinitarian pastor. Also in the Eastern part of Uganda in a youth meeting 9 received the Holy Ghost and in that number was an Anglican Priest.

On August 16, 2002 Sister R. reports that Brother R. with a NA pastor and the assistant superintendent visited Adjumani near the Sudan border. They held a two day seminar with 53 in attendance and I quote ”including A of G pastors, Church of Christ, Baptist, Church of God and others. At close of that Seminar 11 filled with the Holy Ghost".
January 2, 2003 the R's reported as recorded by Jim P. in the African Revival News that a Church of God preacher attended the short term training, received the truth and has been baptized in Jesus Name.
The R's write again on February 7, 2003 and informed: “As a follow-up of the seminar held in the North, four of the pastors in that meeting came to the national Conference in January. One of them was baptized during the conference and returned home to teach his people. Another one stayed for the ExCell studies and on the final day of ExCell he was baptized in Jesus’ Name. This man pastors/oversees three churches.
In the report that Brother P. sent on July 13, 2003 he states concerning Uganda “13 received the Holy Ghost and 11 were baptized in Jesus name. Most of these were Trinitarian preachers who had been invited to attend the school.”

3. South Africa – In Ladybrand there were three congregations that accepted the truth of the Oneness and in one service on what was called “Super Sunday” there were 195 from the three congregations baptized on March 23, 2003. In the May 8th report the K's inform: “In a small community news really travels fast. Almost everyone in town is talking about the service. We have had dozens of brand new people start to attend the church. This has lead to a problem, (the good kind of problem) not enough room for all the people.

4. South Africa - Aim family D. reports in May that in the month of March they assumed the leadership of a denominational church in the city of Brakpan.

5. In Tanzania Brother and Sister W. report that a presbyter sent two trinity pastors to the Bible School. Missionary W. baptized them both and that was reported in May. This month Missionary W. now reports that they were excellent students and have now baptized their congregations. Apparently there has been another Trinitarian pastor baptized and it is reported in Nov 2002 that Brother W. baptized three more Trinitarian pastors in the last six months. It was reported in the Africa News Briefs by the S.'s and W's that a Trinitarian church in a remote Massai village has received the revelation and seven were baptized in Jesus’ Name. Just received an update and now we have 25 baptized in that tribe. They are very primitive the ones that drink the blood in a straw that they insert into a live cow. Brothers. S. and W. report that in the Bible School there are two students that are Trinitarian pastors. One of them has been baptized and the other wants to be, along with his wife.
(Mission Report from Monte S.)
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