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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
Africa, Part 3 (other regions will follow)

African Region –
1. In Niger, papers were submitted to the government so that the authorities in that country can duly recognize the United Pentecostal Church. As reported in the Africa Revival News of February 22, 2003 the UPCI is now officially recognized by the government that is located in a country that is 98% Muslim. This is a miracle! In 2002 it was reported that FOR THE FIRST TIME tracts were printed in the Hausa language to reach the twenty million people that speak that language in Niger and Nigeria.

2. In Africa Revival New Briefs of August 2002 Brother Sully reports in Burkina Faso that he recently baptized a Trinitarian pastor and his wife and is baptizing his members. His church is now in fellowship with us and that brings the total of UPCI churches in the capital of Burkina Faso to 4!!!! This is French speaking Africa where we need missionaries.

3. Also reported in the Revival News from Africa on Feb 22, 2003, that a pastor and 44 of his congregation have been baptized in Mozambique and 39 more are ready to be baptized.

4 . Lesotho, Brother K. informed us that four new groups have contacted them and want to become part of the UPCI. Recently they were together with one of these groups, which have 42 members, for a meeting and in it 7 received the Holy Ghost. In another e-mail dated February 4, 2003, Brother K. states: The Lord has opened a door for 3 new areas in the Freestate, South Africa. Pastor G. T. is pastor of three churches: Ladybrand (115 people), Clocolan (111 people), and Ficksburg (89 people). We are planning a super Sunday to baptize all three congregations at the same time. They have accepted the Acts 2:38 message. Brother K. further reports in October, 2003 that as a result of meetings with the Sartins from Louisana 2 pastors and 3 congregations were baptized in Jesus name.
(Mission Report from Monte S.)
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