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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
Asia Region (other regions will follow)

I. Literally all over the world there are groups that are coming to God. We have believed for not just individuals, but we also know that for just ONE soul there is rejoicing in heaven. Thousands are being filled and added to the church:

* Each day, according to our report at the end of the year 2002
* 7 new churches every day outside of NA
* Over 315,994 filled with the Holy Ghost in 2002
* Over 107,232 baptized in Jesus Name outside of NA in 2002

* Holy Ghost – God allowed me to be in the services where Brother Billy Cole saw in El Salvador over 3000 filled with Holy Ghost in two days.
* This past Easter week (2002) they rented largest stadium in the country – said that there were more Pentecostals than at Graham’s crusade and in one day 4371 were filled with the Holy Ghost.

* Now it is happening all over – Pakistan in one service over 3000, Fiji, Papua New Guinea Nicaragua (a few years ago in one crusade over 1000 filled with the Holy Ghost) , and Haiti – over 10,000 baptized in 2001.
* In China it is possible that literally thousands are being baptized in Jesus Name each day.
* El Salvador 2002 in one day 4371 in largest stadium.

* In Mexico in 2003 1024 filled in the National Convention.

* Since then – over 94,000 in Philippines in one day in Jan 2001
* In Ethiopia 195,000 filled with the Holy Ghost in 2003 with an attendance of 460,000 in the last service.

II. Let me tell you what is going on (Asia Region):
1. India – Uttar Pradesh, just one state with 170 million people: On Feb 4, 2002, Stanley S., our missionary to India reports (that a few months before writing this e-mail) 43 Hindu priests from a Shiva temple came to Jesus Christ. The ex-high priest is now the elder of the local assembly and that assembly meets in the ex-temple.
(Uttar Pradesh is considered to be the most holy district in India, because the Hindus believe, that Krishna has put his foot in this area, when he first stepped down from heaven to earth. For centuries they shielded this area from Christian and Islamic influence and isolated and protected this district carefully. (Never challenge God and tell Him that He is not allowed to build His church somewhere, He turns everything around)
2. On April 6, 2002, Missionary Stanley S. further reports that in Manipur Zamlal H., section presbyter reports that he had a debate with a Baptist preacher on issues of trinity and baptism in Jesus’ Name. Many village chiefs, society leaders, chief deacons from the Roman Catholics, Baptists and Church of Christ came. The Lord opened up the hearts of the village chiefs and 105 were baptized in Jesus’ Name.
3. India – March 2003 Report Brother Jonathan McC. Aimer in state of Andhra Pradesh had a Bible School session with 60 registered, most whom are pastors of churches (non UPC). At the end of the session they baptized 19 in Jesus Name! I quote from the letter: “Most were students but several were from a local church who pastor was a student who enthusiastically accepted the message and was baptized and purposed to baptize his congregation” This Aimer is near retirement age (64) and had more invitations than they could accept.
4. In Hanoi, Vietnam, Missionaries F. report that in Hanoi there is less persecution and the church is growing. A large group of Tribal people in the mountains have understood that Jesus is the only God and have obeyed the message of salvation. Several Hundred are baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.
5. In other “closed” countries we have people working with groups in 18 of the major cities. Donkeys are used to take in the Bibles to them, one person states that they have personally baptized about 700 themselves in private baptisms. Many of these are people who are pastors of the “official” church and they in turn baptize their congregations. HES informed that in China there are as many as 10,000 conversions a day and many of these are being baptized in Jesus’ Name.

(Mission Report from Monte S.)
see web page: http://www.upci.net/missionaries/showalter and
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