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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
Europe (other regions will follow)

European Region we are seeing REVIVAL –
1. France reported that many are coming to God. We are now in the thousands of believers in France.

2. In the European Region missionaries Gary and Linda R. made a trip to Baghdad, Iraq, a Muslim country. We were not sure of what we had there. They found 14 churches and over 2000 people baptized in Jesus Name there.

3. In an e-mail dated 6-30-02 we have received a report from an area that is not possible for us to say where, because of government restrictions. There are 23 men ready to be licensed with us and they are leaders of groups of people. It is a Muslim area.

4. IRELAND - Terry McF. in his September 2003 Field Report says: ”Pastor Joe F. of the Revival Fellowship in Belfast. We met this man two months ago after he had found us via the UPCI Website. He has now totally consented to the revelation of the oneness of God and Baptism in Jesus Name. We will be baptizing him and his family and as of today his congregation has heard and agreed to this wonderful Apostolic truth. I will be going to Belfast and ministering to them the Apostolic Doctrine as we believe it.” It is possible that there are as many as seven other churches that could be interested in this truth and they have received Aimer John H. and listened to this Great Truth.

5. Pastor in Dublin, Ireland - Aimer McF. in Irland further reports in this September 2003 “This Nigerian Pastor Sam O., we met also two months ago while we were just walking by the church building they were renting in the heart of Dublin. Since then I took both of our Nigerian Pastors to meet him. We took tracts and books to him and he has wonderfully seen the revelation of the Mighty God in Christ. He will be coming to our Ireland-North-South rally in Longford next week. He has fifteen different nationalities in his church and wants to be a part of this fellowship.

6. Aimer Joe C. reported that he and Bro. McF. did an oneness seminar for a man in Longford, GREAT BRITAIN who had received the revelation of the oneness. Since then he has been having Bible studies in his home. On one occasion we taught a lesson on the oneness of God for over four hours. There were over 30 people in attendance. At the conclusion of the lesson the Holy Ghost filled the place we were in and they were all slain in the spirit speaking in other tongues. The entire group (I assume in the Bible Study) was baptized in Jesus Name on the 15th of December; we now have an established church there. Missionary Aimer McF. reports on January 6, 2003 that this pastor has 100 Nigerians and Irish in his meetings. “We helped him hire a coach and he brought up around 25 from Longford here to Gildord. Rev. Robert K. was able to come over from Scotland for this weekend and we baptized 14, 9 with this new pastor and 5 were from in Gildord. We will be going down the third weekend of January to baptize around 40 more in a swimming pool facility that we can rent for a couple of hours.

7. October 28, 2002 Aimer John H. reports from Great Britain “Two weeks ago, Peter the vicar sat at a table in the church with me and said I see it John! God is one, he is not 3 persons, he is one. One God with 3 manifestations. I am a father, a son, a husband my name is Peter. Yes I do speak to my wife different than I speak or act with my children. I am not the same when I speak to my father. I will never again say that God is a triune god…He is ONE!!!!!!!"

8. In a report dated November 18, 2003 Aimer Mary D. reports that in Russia: “There are a couple of Baptist preachers in the Crimea area (in Ukraine – near the Black Sea) that have been baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost.”
(Mission Report from Monte S.)
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