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Special Report
Groups joining us and other interesting information.
South America (other regions will follow)

1. On April 8, 2002, Aim missionary Kevin H. reports that in Natal, Brazil they were going to baptize 50 former Trinitarians in Jesus' Name. That number included two Trinitarian pastors and one local Trinitarian minister. The Trinitarian church where one of the pastors was in charge has installed Brother Kevin H. as the new pastor.

2. In the Regional Prayer coordinator meeting of May 6, 2003 Sister C. reports: In Ecuador four or five Trinitarian pastors have accepted the Oneness of God and have asked for baptism.

3. Brother Kevin H. Aimer further reports on June 26, 2002 that he traveled to Guamare, a city about 180 Kilometers from Natal, Brazil where he has baptized the group just mentioned. He preached to a group there and the current pastor, a former Assembly of God pastor requested a Bible Study. After the study, the pastor has asked for Brother H. to return to baptize him, his wife and another minister and his wife in the name of Jesus! A member of the group there has donated a good size property and the mayor has expressed a willingness to donate construction material when needed.

4. Recently we have received a letter from a group in South America of some 40,000 believers that have expressed their desire to join the UPCI. The Regional Director is working on that now.
(Mission Report from Monte S.)
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