Praise Reports

From D. and J. Sch. (Panama/Furlough Replacment):
We are seeing signs of Apostolic revival in Panama! During an open-air campaignon Easter Weekend 17 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Recently Bro. M., one of our national pastors, held services in a new area where the people are from an indigenous Indian tribe. He reports that 13 received the Holy Ghost and he baptized 28 people in the precious name of Jesus! During the last three weekends while preaching in different churches in Panama, my wife and I have witnessed 7 new souls born again speaking in tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance! We feel that same "rushing mighty wind" of Acts 2:2 blowing in this part of Central America!

From K. and M. P. (Malta):
Prayer walking is still yielding positive results in Malta. New people keep coming to our Worship Services.

We also just returned from a visit to encourage the Church in a predominantly Muslim North African country. The believers there are blessed with tremendous leadership. The Lord Jesus is lending great liberty to spread His Message of Truth; it pierces every dark barrier!

From W. T. (Area Coordinator for the CIS and Baltic States):
The recent conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, under the direction of Missionaries M. and R. S., was a wonderfully successful stride forward for the new works being established this year in Lithuania and Latvia. Eleven received the baptism of the Holy Ghost during the conference, with Foreign Missions General Director B. H. ministering in the evening services.

New churches opened this year by Associate in Missions teams in Vilnius and in Riga, Latvia were both blessed by this conference. Four new converts from Riga were among those baptized in the Spirit. An Apostolic revival is growing in the Baltic States, accompanied by miracles of healing and deliverance.

From C. T. (Australia):
Our home mission work continues in Sydney, Australia, while we are home on deputation. We have put one of our men in training as the assistant to the pastor to take care of things while we are in the States. In the last two weeks we have received phone calls at midnight from that young man telling us he has baptized two Sudanese men in Jesus name. This has excited the church and given our men faith to believe that God is still on the throne. They have been out inviting folks from the area train stations and have met several men from other churches that are in Bible school in that local assembly. They are wanting a Bible study. We are excited to see things still going on while we are home on deputation. To God be the glory.

On the home front, we have just been at the Tennessee camp meeting, and on Friday night there was a Holy Ghost rally and over 67 received the Holy Ghost.

From J. and A. N. (France), S. and P. B. (France/Monaco), and P. and D. B. (France):
* Pentecost weekend outpouring of the Holy Ghost, 900 people present in which 10 people were filled with the Spirit and 15 baptized in Jesus' name. Brother K. H. and Brother RK. R. ministered.
* The annual Youth Retreat doubled in size from last year. 150 were present and 10 young people were filled with the Holy Spirit. Missionary C. R. ministered.
* Since the founding of the French Bible Institute in 1996, the school continues to educate and prepare workers for the harvest. The one-weekend-a-month format intensifies into three weeks of full-time instruction in July, taught by missionaries and nationals, some of them former graduates. Eighteen students are presently enrolled in the two-year program, with ten new applicants pending.
* The headquarters church in Melun continues to grow with an average attendance of 450. In the last six months over 30 people were baptized in Jesus' name and about as many were filled with the Holy Ghost. We were able to purchase a new property for the expansion of the headquarters church just across the street from the present facilities. A wonderful miracle!
* Thus far the UPC of France owns 7 properties in different areas of France.
* The rest of the churches throughout France continue to enjoy the blessings of the Lord and report victories on all fronts The church in France is growing.

From J. C. (Bangladesh):
Recently Pastor B. traveled to a Hindu fundamentalist area of Bangladesh. Yet, the Word of the Lord went forth with the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and in two days 192 people were baptized in Jesus name from this area. In another area, we gathered together to preach and to hear the plan of salvation. An extremely strong storm began to unleash powerful winds and rain upon us during this meeting, but we prayed that God would stop this rain so that those who were ready to be baptized could be baptized. The rain immediately stopped and 16 were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, in the very same body of water where Hindu worshippers had recently threw their idols into (Hindu Puja). It was a tremendous contrast to see these precious believers baptized in Jesus name in the shadow of idols!

From J. H. (United Kingdom):
Peter came into the church in January of this year. He had some health problems which began a string of miracles. He has been on dialysis for his kidney for 10 years. We prayed for him and blood began to flow through them again and things began to flow fairly normal again. He was taken in to hospital and was told one of the heart valve was calcified, thus stopping the valve from closing. He was to have open heart surgery until the Lord intervened and "all of a sudden he did not need surgery." He was diagnosed with diabetes. Again we prayed for him and the power of God fell on him. He had to have his diabetes re-evaluated. The same doctor then informed him that his diabetes had completely gone. He then was scoped and told he had a cancerous tumor on his bladder. He had surgery, and, behold, the doctor told him afterwards it was only a piece of inflamed tissue. The same one who diagnosed this did not know the healing power of our God. Pete informed that he and his wife just wept with joy because they were so happy. He said, I want everything that God has for me. Yes, we do Pete! Yes, we do.

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