Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim

Jesus turns scorcerer into Bible College Student
(Testimoney found in Pentecostal Herald, April 2002)

By Terry and Cheryl Riddick
Missionaries to Cameroon

Julius was a sorcerer with mystical powers. He was superior to the witches and wizards of his area. He wore a ring that had powers to control things around him. In order not to lose his power, he was to worship Nson Nson Abu, a demon of hypnotism. He worked closely with the great evil power of the land and did many mystical acts until even La Voix du Payson (Cameroonian newspaper) began to publish articles about what was happening through him.

As he was out doing his works of evil, his wife started attending the United Pentecostal Church and was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Julius did not know what to do. He left his home for a week. His wife began to look for him and found him with two witches. His wife grew angry and broke the crystal ball and a mirror they had. The witch threw something that looked like sand on her. Because of the act of the wife, Julius was told that he now had to drink his wife's blood. The witches brought the magical mirror and placed it before him. They looked and looked, but his wife's picture would not appear.

The witches said he would have to go home. When he saw his wife, he was to call her by her first name. When she answered, he was to touch her on the back with a red shell and the mystical sand.

When he arrived home he found his wife in bed. Her arms and legs were paralyzed. She could not see, speak, or hear. He returned to the witches to report that he was unsuccessful, because he could not get to her back, nor could she see or hear him.
The witches were now very angry and returned with him to the place where the wife was supposed to be staying. When they entered the house, his wife's mother told him that church members came and carried her to an "Africa Impact Team Crusade" in Muea, where the Lord healed her. Julius and the witches made their way to the crusade ground. From a distance they watched what was happening, but they were very afraid to go near.

The witches then gave him a powder to give to his wife to bathe in. Little did he know that the Lord had spoken to Pastor Peter Mua to inform him of what was to come. Pastor Peter instructed the wife not to take anything her husband would try to give her. When Julius informed the witch that is was not possible to give his wife anything, she got very angry and left. When Julius got home, he found a note from his "Queen" telling him he had twenty-one days to accomplish the task; if he did not, he would pay with his life.

Because the pastor was instructing his wife and his wife was a very prayerful woman, Julius could not penetrate her prayers. He decided he must kill the pastor so that she would not know what to do. He took "cross evil oil" and threw it on the pastor's door. The pastor was suppose to die that same day. But to Julius's surprise, the pastor was alive and well. Julius then got "mousong" (something extracted from dead bodies). He put in on the path of the pastor so that his skin would start to rot and smell. Again, nothing happened. Julius began to question, "Why do these things not affect the pastor? Surely he must have a supernatural power that is stronger then the kingdom of darkness."

That night Julius began to think about what he had witnessed. He said to himself, "If Pastor Peter's power can make my wife walk, see, speak, and hear again, then it means that his God can surely help me too." That day he thought of going to see Pastor Mua for deliverance. Fear so gripped him, because he had done so many bad things to Pastor Mua that he did not go.

Spirits troubled him that night. The next morning he ran to Pastor Mua's house, knowing that this was the day that the "Queen" said he would die if he had not fulfilled the task. Pastor Mua welcomed him. After a discussion he told Julius that he must confess his sins, so that Jesus could save him. Julius confessed his sins that day and was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost.

Julius Agbor is now a student at the UPC College of Theology in Cameroon. He is preaching on weekends about the saving and delivering power of the Holy Ghost. Jesus changed a sorcerer into a student.

Vereinigte Pfingstgemeinde Mannheim