Short sermons of the United Pentecostal Church of Mannheim
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In almost every country of the world Christmas has now began. People are thinking about shopping, Christmas money, holiday time that they still have left over, and where they are going to spend part of the Christmas-time skiing in the mountains. Plans and calculations are being made, concerning sales, profit, losses and shop theft. Now He is gong to be put on the market, being sold and bought from Bethlehem to New York and from London to Cape Town. Mangers will be on special offer and all you have to do is find the matching baby.

Throughout the entire year before Christmas hardly any thoughts were “wasted” thinking about God. If you remind someone that there is a God and that they need to turn away from their evil doings, the answer you will get back is: “Jesus? Don’t talk about that subject! Jesus? Leave me alone, I’ve got my church.” Although fireworks and champagne for the New Year are already on sale during the Christmas-time and Christ only happens to be a man in history in the opinion of many people, the fact remains that Jesus Christ actually did resurrect from the dead. Do you ever stop to really think about Jesus´ birth and the reason why he came? Do you ever think about the things which he did, and wish like many others that you could speak with Jesus? Do you know God’s plan for your life?

The manger in Bethlehem does not exist anymore, the grave outside the walls of Jerusalem is empty, for Jesus has risen. The religious founders of the world are dead, but Jesus Christ is alive. Do you look into the Bible with an open heart? Do you ask and expect God’s guidance? If this happens to be the case, He will notice it and will act accordingly in His way. He ascended to heaven, the place where He came from. He accomplished His work on earth to make a way so that you can have salvation, blessings, and life when you go this way.

The manger in Bethlehem was the beginning, Calvary was the end of the way. The reconciliation is completed. The cross is the start of our way, the glory of being with Him is our goal. Jesus still has all the power in heaven and also on this earth.

Not one single serious prayer, wherever it may be, escapes His attention. But what is necessary for a person to come into close contact with Jesus of Nazareth? A good start is earnestly repenting and completely trusting in Him. Do not let yourself be discouraged by the world, put your whole trust in Him. Talk with Him. He will reveal Himself to you in His way. (rw)