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The gift of God

From God comes only the good

The Feast of Pentecost

The Passion of the Christ

Sodom and Gomorrah/newsat5/Special edition 20th April 1898 B.C.

The mystery of God only known by revelation

At the table of Jesus

The old way of prayer

Unfruitful trees

...SOS... ... ...SOS...

God's No# 2 plan - The whole gospel to the whole world!

Jesus Christ - The ladder to heaven

Only in His Name

Religious Fanaticism

Jesus says: I am the door...

The Fear about Pentecost

The Vote

Why do you need Jesus?

The Acceptable Sacrifice

Hurray, it is almost Christmas

Chanukah Festival

Refining Silver

The old man and the boat

The last buffaloes

 The desire of Christ

  We are piping the message of Pentecost to you

  From a stone to a living stone, to a pillar and the name

  A journey to Nineveh

  Blessing follows conversion

  What are you doing for the kingdom of God?

  The baptism of the Holy Ghost

  "Trinity" The message of confusion

  Make problems for the devil

  The blood, the water and the spirit

  It is finished!

 The Bible, our map to heaven

 The silent voices

  How are things going to go on?

  End Time Fever

   The InfallibleWord

  Being Born Again, your Only Chance

   Whoever loses it, wins something better!

   YHWH (The name of God - Jesus)

    The Joy of Salvation

    The Secret of Love

     The Greatest Mystery

     The Will of God

     David's Four Partners


     When the Curtain Opens