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The Buffalos are the largest animals on the North American continent. This majestic and peaceful animal weighs up to one and a half tons and is three metres long and almost two metres high. In the 19th century, white hunters and dealers mercilessly went in pursuit of the herds of bison to obtain their skins. A sport was virtually made out of it, with the goal to shoot as many of the animals as possible. The carcass was usually left to rot.

Within a few years, millions of these peaceful creatures were completely senselessly slaughtered. Between 1871 and 1875, three million of these animals - both large and small - were destroyed in the southern part of the USA. Whilst in the northern part, one and a half million fell prey to the white hunters between 1879 and 1883. In 1885, there were a total of 75 buffalos on the North American continent! Today, they are legally protected, and some farmers breed buffalos. There are thousands of buffalos at present.

When I consider the history of the buffalos, I automatically think about the history of Christianity. At the beginning, in the first century, there were still many true Christians. But then Satan - the murderer wearing the cloak of religion - went in pursuit of them. Starting in Jerusalem, and during the Roman Empire up until the Dark Ages, he murdered them; also in the north with the help of Queen Mary - who, as a result, is called "Bloody Mary". He burned the reformer Hus in the east, and killed Christians everywhere, wheresoever he found them.

Among the French Protestants, his persecutors murdered over 10 000 men, women and children alone on the evening of the 24th to the 25th of August 1572. Upon bringing the news to Pope Gregory the XIII, a great celebration was made with cannon salvos and the hymn of praise - Te Deum - (meaning; We praise Thee, O God) being sung.

Satan is still wearing his religious "white waistcoat", and is deceiving millions of people who have not seriously committed their lives to God. Just like it was with the buffalos, it is exactly the same with the true Christians. Nowadays, you rarely see buffales. There are numerous kinds that are similar to them but they are not the real ones. (rw)