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John 14,1-3

Before God put on flesh and blood in Bethlehem, thus taking on the form of a human being, it was HIS great desire to complete his work. It was a work which nobody apart from HIM could accomplish, this being - to come and deliver mankind from the power of evil. HE is the Creator of the universe and of mankind. It was never in God's plan that even one single human should suffer.

At different times throughout the centuries, God gave a word to those who were without hope through the prophets - these being the men of God.

* HE reminded them that HE would come one day to free his people - to redeem them and deliver them from evil.
* God said very clearly that HE is the only Saviour and that there is no other besides HIM; and that when his time arrives, HE himself will walk among them. Isaiah 43,3, 10-12.
* Just like he came one time to fight against the gods of Egypt, HE would be coming down for a moment - leaving his heavenly throne - in order to reveal his glory to humanity.

It was no wonder that the angels in Bethlehem sang at the birth of Jesus Christ. Above all, considering the fact that it was his desire to save mankind and to destroy the works of the devil. The angels knew about this, but it was a mystery to them about how HE would go about doing it.
God, Jesus Christ, did not come without a plan, and what was supposed to appear to be a defeat would turn out to be his greatest victory ever!

The desire of Christ.
What was His desire during the time that HE walked upon this earth?
* To destroy the works of the devil. 1. John 3,8
* To help the human race spiritually and physically.
* That everybody would believe in HIM, so that they might receive salvation.
* To proclaim the truth in word and in deed.
* To lay down his life for the whole of mankind.
* To remain faithful until the end in order to accomplish his goal.

The desire to do the will of God is found in the heart of every true Christian.
His will is that you be set free from evil, that you are obedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ and that you live without sin. John 1,12 & 3,3-8. Acts 2,38

The desire of the spirit of Christ does not run parallel to the temporal, limited pleasures of the world system. When Satan came to HIM and offered HIM all the riches of this earth, Jesus said NO.

Even today, the spirit of Jesus Christ still says NO to the splendour of this world. HE is not seeking the approval of the world but rather the approval of God. He says in 1. John 2,15, "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." This means that a person does not have the spirit of Christ in him if he loves this world system. He did not collect any treasures of this earth and yet he was the wealthiest of all people.

The desire of a Christian is for Jesus and not for a world who crucified him - He being the one who is the Truth!

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