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End Times-Fever

By Pastor Raymond Wey

Matthew 24,13-14

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.             Jesus Christ

The disciples asked Jesus when the end would come. When talking about the end of the world, it does not mean the going down of the world, the end of all life upon this planet earth, but the end of this world system, being replaced by the setting up of a visible kingdom of God. For Christians, the end of the times signifies that their redemption is near at hand, whereby the Lord Jesus Christ will call all of them unto Him, those that are IN HIM. A Christian is, therefore, called to keep the faith until the end. We are living in the end times. Not all Christians will preserve the faith which was once entrusted to them, nonetheless, there are still Christians who view themselves as being pilgrims and travellers passing through in this world, and are holding unto their beliefs!

God, Jesus Christ, will have a people for whom HE will be returning again! For the ungodly people who are not obedient to the gospel of Christ, the end times is the last opportunity ever to truly turn to God and escape from being punished. They have no time for God. Many of them have been struck by end times-fever, "Football, tennis, sport, disco fever" etc. Pleasures here and there. They are not interested in their salvation, but prefer to continue going their own way, which will eventually lead them to damnation.

A Christian is not caught up in the insanity of the end times-fever, but for him or her, it is rather the joyful expectation of the coming again of Jesus. Jesus wept over the people in Jerusalem, who did not realize that their time had come. Jesus wants to help, save and redeem, He wants to give joy, peace, and the most precious gift of all - He wants to give eternal life. But people are content with things that are of less worth, which are temporary and are going to pass away one day; they are victims of the end times-fever. (rw)

You call me MASTER and don't follow me
You call me LIGHT and don't see me
You call me the WAY and don't go with me
You call me WISE and don't follow me
You call me LOVELY and don't love me
You call me RICH and don't ask me
You call me ETERNAL and don't seek me
You call me GREAT and don't trust me
You call me POWERFUL and don't honour me
You call me RIGHTEOUS and don't fear me
You call me LORD and don't praise me
Who will be able to save you?

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