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The Gift of God

Christmas time is a time in which Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus. Normally, when we celebrate the birthday from someone, we think about what we can give them. We think about a present which the person, whose birthday it is, needs or would like.

We pack the present with nice gift paper, and in such a way that you cannot see what is inside; then a bow is put on top of the present so that it looks really lovely. Then the day arrives when we give it to the person, and we are waiting full of anticipation until the present is opened.

What will he or she say? Most of all, we watch to see the expression on the face of the person, because it’s there before they cry out: Oh, that’s just what I needed. That was essential, thank you very much. However, here on the birthday of Jesus, it is not us who is trying to think and work something out, but rather God Himself; a long time ago, He thought about it what He could give to mankind who has gone away from Him. After all, what could we give to God? For all silver and gold belong to Him anyway; most important of all, we could give ourselves to Him.

HE looks and sees that the human race has no way of escape from sin. Perhaps they have money and material things, but they do not have peace, and they have a lot of knowledge but not the wisdom of God.

An individual is alive but he or she is actually spiritually dead. And at the end, death comes - the eternal separation from life. Therefore, He sees what an individual needs the most, this being freedom, peace, joy, righteousness, eternal life and the Holy Spirit. As a result, He Himself took on flesh like a human being, went to the cross in order to pay for our sins, and also at the same time to acquire the gift.

He planned all of this and it is packed in the Gospel. Whoever believes it, opens it, then he or she will receive it. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. rw

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