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The Baptism of the Holy Ghost

John the Baptist told the people that Jesus is the one who will baptize with the Holy Ghost and with fire (Luke 3,16). Various scriptures in the Old Testament prophecy about the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jesus spoke about rivers of living water, which will flow out of a person who is filled with the Holy Ghost (John 7,38-39).

The holy people living under the Old Covenant were led and moved by the Holy Ghost (2.Peter 1,21), but they never received the baptism of the Holy Ghost - as we find, first of all, at the beginning in the book of Acts and even still today - the reason being that everything still happened to lay ahead in the future (Joel 2,28-32).

On the day of Pentecost (the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts), 3120 people received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Peter said that this gift from God is for everyone, both for those that are near and those that are far-off. Paul asked the disciples at Ephesus, "Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" Acts 19,2. They were believers but they knew nothing about it, however, now they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost themselves.

Every believer who has not yet received this baptism should ask themselves why they have not yet experienced it. There may be various reasons:
1. Lack of interest:
An individual might not be interested in that what God wants to do for him. Due to his apathy he will not receive the Eternal Life, which is only to be found IN Jesus Christ. John 3,3-7; Acts 2,13; Rom. 9,8
2. Self-deception:
An individual describes himself as being religious, but his lack of knowledge about the Scriptures deceives him and allows him to believe that his religion or experience is adequate, without the necessity of having to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. As a result, he rejects this theme (John 8,31-34)
3. Convenience:
An individual depends upon the opinion of other people, rather than relying upon what God says in the Holy Scriptures. Others tell him that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is no longer necessary, or that it does not take place anymore.
(Read: Matt. 18,7-9; Acts 2,38-39; 4,18-19; 5,29-33)

By some means or other, the enemy of your soul will also try to prevent you from having this wonderful experience. Whether it is by devising arguments such as: "You don't need that, that was only for at that time, you're never be good enough" or "There is no such thing." The decision to want to receive the promise of God cannot be taken away from you because you possess a free-will! Believe the Scriptures, study them carefully so that you may also pertain to this promise. Do not allow anyone to hinder you, considering that this gift of God is also for you and will thereby enable you to inherit eternal life! Every year, thousands and thousands nation-wide enjoy this wonderful experience, why should you not also be one of them too? Jesus is risen. He still baptizes people with His Holy Ghost and they are then born into His kingdom.

We found out about being baptized with the Holy Ghost in the book of Acts, in the 2nd chapter, verses 1 to 4. The Holy Ghost filled the 120 disciples one after the other in the upper room. They were praying and were expecting the Holy Ghost to fall. When the Holy Ghost fell upon them and filled them, they spoke in a different language - a language which they had not previously learnt. However, even here at this place and time, the mockers were not very far-away - just like it is the case nowadays. Nevertheless, they did not allow anyone to stop them.

In chapter 8 of the book of Acts, Phillip preaches in Samaria and baptizes the believing men and women in Jesus' name in water. When Peter and John came and laid hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came and they were filled. They also spoke in a different language - exactly in the same way as everyone else does - this was the sign whereby the Jews recognized that an individual had received the Holy Ghost (Acts 10,45). This baptism is more than just having a good or an unusual feeling - as some falsely claim to be the case. It is the power and glory of God, which completely changes a person's life for the best!!! The Holy Ghost was also poured out upon Cornelius and his family in Acts 10,44-46, whilst Peter was preaching. The Jews were shocked that the Gentiles were also able to receive the Holy Ghost. This is the reason why David also happened to say, "I would rather fall in the hands of God than in the hands of man."

Everywhere the apostles went, they spread this message to people that they also could receive the Holy Ghost if they would turn around and get baptized in Jesus' name. The Holy Ghost is given to those that are obedient to God (Acts 5,32). The manipulation of the masses throughout the centuries has caused a lot of damage, even until this present day. If you flee from this evil and turn completely to Jesus Christ, He will baptize you with the Holy Ghost! rw

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