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How are things going to go on?

By Pastor Raymond Wey

Comment: This short sermon, as it is written here, was originally posted on our monthly church paper in March 1996. Even in our days God speaks through His servants the prophetic word! If God's Word would have been believed and obeyed 7 years ago, Germany and the rest of the world would look different. We can not turn the wheel of time back, but God in His grace has still given us a "Today". Let's use it wisely, as long as we have a chance to do so!

Under Israelian leadership Jerusalem has blossomed to become one of the loveliest cities of the world; all citizens no matter what religion have prospered from this development. However, at this point of time where Jerusalem is gleaming like a bright jewel everyone is desiring to possess her, especially the Moslems. They are crying out for Holy War to bring about the"release of Jerusalem out of the hands of the Jews", in case negotiations involving Jerusalem which officially begin on the 4th of May 1996 do not rule in their favour. Although, given a try everyone could live happily together in Jerusalem. Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling for her Moslem neighbours. This will in turn affect all the people upon this earth and they will want to get rid of this burdensome stone (Zachariah 12). Then GOD will STEP IN and come against these nations which are fighting against Jerusalem Zach.4,2-4) It is interesting to observe the development of Mohammedanism. Radical pioneers of Islam are working under the cover of freedom and are threatening world-wide political leaders, intellectuals and tourists (newspaper -Mannheimer Morgen 28.12.94).

They are fighting against the existing government systems such as those in Algeria, Israel, Egypt with acts of terrorism. In Yugoslavia and Tschetschenien there is war to establish a Moslem regime. Christian persecution is prevalent in many Moslem countries. It is claimed that in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria International Islamic Terrorism is promoted. Reports reveal that in Germany (like England), which is a Christian country, one mosque after the other is being built. Is the government capable of protecting us its citizens from the terrorism of fanatics?

In our what was in the past god-fearing country the freedom of religion prevails, but would it help our country if this freedom of religion would be restricted? Definitely not. Let us see where we can find an answer, there is good advice in the Word of God. In Isaiah 45,22 we read: "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else". The Christians in Germany (likewise United States, England or elsewhere) need to turn away from their sins, only then will God be able to heal the land and show the way to go on. (rw)

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