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A Journey to Nineveh

Come with and take a journey back into the past! Let's go to Nineveh... now make sure that you take a good look at the city. This great city which lies before you is the capital of the Assyrian empire, Nineveh, a city with over 120,000 inhabitants, is the place where wealth and treasures gained from conquests were brought to. Do you see the beautiful gardens and the magnificent buildings? The most modern technology and up to date science can be discovered right here. It has been claimed that never before have people been so educated and advanced like they are now. Everywhere you go, all you can hear is the voice of "peace, peace". "Who can fight against us and win? Our fighting forces are the best, nobody can stand in the way of our armies." I ask a man on the street, "How does God fit in the picture?"

"What, God? In our country, we have people from many different nations, and each nation has its own god. We're very tolerant and are proud to be that way. Everything we do, we consider to be right."

"Really? Then why are the rich acquitted at court and the poor, on the otherhand, suffer? Why is a murderer allowed to be released over the weekend and freely roam the streets? Why are the weak and helpless oppressed here in this city? Why is ungodliness, sex, and sin glorified everywhere?"

"Yes, I do admit that that's the way it is around here; everyone is involved in some way or another - including the king down to the small man on the street. Hang on a minute, Where's that loud cry coming from? It's coming from down below on the street."

I can also hear it: "Only 20 days left, "then Nineveh will be destroyed beyond oblivion. Turn to God while you still have the opportunity,"

Hmm, who could that be? "Hello, would you mind stopping for one moment and tell me what you're talking about?"

"My names's Jonah, and my God is the God who made heaven and earth. He has sent me here to warn you about God's judgment. If you don't turn away from your wicked ways, then the God of the Hebrews will put an end to you and your city - just like it was in Sodom and Gomorrah, there will be nothing left over from the city and everything that's in it! God sees everything that you do and knows all your thoughts. Repent, turn around now because the cup of your wickedness is full! If you sincerely mean it and call upon Him through fasting and prayer, there's the possibility that He will spare you before it's too late. Now you've heard it for yourselves - I've told you everything that there is to be said. Now I'm going on my way so that everyone in this city will hear this message."

Yes, who knows? Perhaps God will change His mind and will turn away from pouring out His great wrath; as a result, we won't have to die! Jonah is right - our nation is evil, from the top down to the bottom level. Therefore, I'm going to give my life to God. Right now I'm going home and I'm going to clear out all the idols in my house and in my life... and what are you going to do? (rw)

Pastor Raymond Wey