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The born again Christian

From a stone to a living stone, to a pillar and the name

"Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house..." 1. Peter 2,5

A stone, what is a stone? It does not have life, it is dead. People without Jesus Christ are like dead stones, they are lifeless, they do not have divine life in them. They firstly receive life when they turn to Jesus Christ with their whole hearts and obey HIM. Power and life are given to the believer who has been filled with the Spirit of Jesus; he becomes a living stone. He is no longer dead and useless to God but is useful for the Church, the body of Christ and the kingdom of God.

The Bible describes the people who believe in Jesus Christ as being "Living stones". Stones which are being built to form a spiritual house of God, a holy temple by the Word of God.

If a person stays in the place in the church where the LORD has put him, God will continue working on him and will be able to make a pillar out of this stone. God wants to make pillars out of the living stones. James and John were both called "Pillars of the church" at that time. God will work on a true Christian to form a pillar out of him provided that he does the will of God. The task of pillars is to bear burdens and to stand strong during the times of storms and winds which beat against the building. They are immovable and firmly planted. They remain faithful to the Word of God, they are reliable and steadfast.

Often, time reveals that a stone is not as good as expected afterall, and has already began to crumble after having undergone some pressure. These are the stones with their own minds, they do not want God to tell them what to do whatsoever, they do not trust HIM. They want to have their own way again. They are of no benefit to the kingdom of God and will be thrown away. God has began a work upon them which He cannot complete. We firstly receive salvation when we have remained loyal to God until the end of our lives (Matthew 10,22)!

Only then, when HE comes, will He write a name upon every pillar (Revelation 3,12). Will you also receive the name? (rw)

Pastor Raymond Wey