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Message from the Monthly Flyer from August 2008

You are probably already familiar with the word “Gospel” and have heard it before. There are Gospel groups, Gospel songs, but there are also Gospel preachers. One thing that you should know is, that the English word “Gospel” from the Bible in German means “The Good News”.

Jesus died for this ”Good News” message which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Gospel of Jesus when it is preached in its fullness, frees a person, makes him to come alive and only then can he walk in the light of life! What no-one else could do at that time apart from Jesus, is still the same today - no-one else apart from Him can do it! Therefore, we should allow Him to work in our midst through His Word and His Spirit.

Ever since the time that man could think, there are people who want to influence others through religion, even to the point of wanting to control them. Also there are those who misuse the word “Gospel” and the Gospel of Jesus to make money. For them, Jesus and his disciples are a means to get what they want; the LORD Himself will give them their reward.

A real Gospel festival is when you hear the Word of God through the preaching of His anointed people; and not only that, but rather also to experience the aliveness and presence of the Holy Spirit yourself. In this case, nobody falls asleep or is bored.

Without the presence of the Holy Spirit, who is the one who moves people, frees and changes them, it is not a Gospel festival and it is not a worship service.

It is human effort which tries to do something out of their own strength, which without God is impossible to do! Do not be deceived, thousands of people are being born again daily and are receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. rw

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