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Message from the Monthly Flyer from December 2007

Follow the Star

Many people ask whether God still works miracles in this day and age. There would not be enough room to tell about the countless miracles which God is still performing even today. I have heard numerous reports from our churches in Ethiopia. These reports also provide an answer for those who argue, "But what about the man in the jungle who has never heard about God, will he be saved?"

In northwest Ethiopia, there was a woman with three children who was in great need. She was a Moslem, and she cried out to God, asking that He would help her in her needy situation. God sent an angel to her, who said, "Go to Addis Ababa and visit a church there, and be baptized in Jesus' name. Then you will also receive the Holy Ghost."

Holding the hands of her two children and with the smallest child on her back, she set off on the long journey, comprising of over 186 miles. Upon arrival in the capital city in the evening after having traveled for a long time, she knocked on the front door of her brother's house, who also happened to be a Moslem. He was astounded and shocked, and he asked her to explain what had happened. She answered, "I saw an angel, and he told me that I should go to a church here in Addis Ababa - so that I can be baptized in Jesus' name."

Her brother answered, "Should I drive you to the police station or, preferably, to the madhouse?" In the morning, as they were leaving the house, the woman saw the angel again and said, "There's the man who told me all this," and she pointed to him. But her brother could not see anybody. The angel then told her that they should follow him with the car. Her brother drove the car, and after a while, they stood in front of the house of the pastor of the Ethiopian United Pentecostal Church in Addis Ababa. They stopped the car, but she did not see the angel anymore.

The brother and his sister knocked on the door, and the pastor opened it and invited them in. He wanted to explain to her in detail about the baptism in Jesus' name. At that point, the woman said that the angel already told her everything on the way. She was baptized in the name of Jesus, and immediately received the Holy Ghost. Despite all this, her brother still refused to believe.

Today, although we may not have the visit of an angel, if we read the Word of God with an open and hungry heart, His word will lead us right into a beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ!

Wise people seek Him

We wish all believers, young and old ones, a blessed Christmas time. . . and to those that do not know HIM yet - we hope that they will seek HIM from their whole hearts.

Jeremiah 29:13-14 ...And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you from all the nations...

The wise men from the Orient followed the star, for they believed that it would lead them to their destination. When they arrived in Jerusalem, no one knew about the birth of the child, although the wandering star was visible for everyone to see. The problem was that they did not look up - they were too wrapped up in religion, tradition, and the trivial things of life.

Could it also be the same case nowadays - that the reason for a person having not yet found his saviour is because he is too busy? The commercialism of Christmas around us should not hinder us from finding out, whether or not He is also our saviour. Do we know our redeemer personally, or only by hearsay? If it is the latter case, then you need to search for Him in His Word with your whole heart! The wise men from the Orient and millions of other people have already found Him; it is also possible for you to find Him. (rw)

Merry Christmas

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