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Message from the Monthly Flyer from February 2005

Our church – website http://www.v-p-m.de

Dear readers and friends,

Our website serves as a base on an international level, and therefore includes different languages, and access to it can be obtained worldwide from the internet. From the Bedouins in the desert to those in the skyscrapers of the USA. From Europe to Africa, all the way to Asia, people (including over 25 main languages) who do not know our language can find out more about Jesus Christ. We have published his important teachings and plan of salvation in many different languages.

This comprises of when a person is converted, the water baptism in the name of Jesus by immersion for the remission of sins (Acts 2,38), just like the first church taught, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. It also refers to the doctrine of holiness - without which no one will see the LORD – and also includes the unity of God and many other subjects. The reader is able to read them online or he can print the material out himself. Also, there are links to the entire Bible for the reader, which are in almost all of these languages.

In addition, the web team has installed various links, which enables the reader to go to other good Christian websites. It is necessary that the level of quality is the highest priority and not quantity.

The purpose and goal of this website is to use it as a tool to reach as many people as possible with the whole gospel of Jesus. This includes even in the places where no true Christian witness is to be found.

The Lord our God will touch people, and in situations where there are no possibilities for them – whether due to persecution in Islamic countries, physical handicaps or because there is no church close by to them - they have the opportunity to receive guidance and comfort in their own homes, and if they want to, they can get in contact with us.

We receive a lot of correspondence from readers, which we are unable to publish and are answering every one of these letters. We thank God for giving us the opportunity use our talents in this manner.

Unfortunately, there are many Christian pages which spread more anti Christian material than the godly truth. Only a person who is filled with the Holy Spirit can differentiate between the fine cut differences of that which is wrong and right, lie and truth, and that which is not related to God’s Word and His doctrine, even though it may seem to be that way! Therefore, it is not good to publish all material straightaway which seems to be Christian; it has to be proved in relation to the purity of the Christian faith, which alone brings salvation for mankind!

On a weekly basis, we add important teachings and articles which contribute richly to our website. We are aware that the internet is not able to replace the worship service or the visit to the Bible study. It is better for a person to be there inperson himself– to experience it “live”- and to take part in the worship service himself. Also, the internet is not able to replace the man of God. The sheep need a shepherd who is with them. The Lord Jesus is the One who still calls the shepherds Himself - He is the one who is the Shepherd of us all. Nevertheless, it is wise to realize that there are a lot of people who do not have the opportunity to gather together with other Christians. For this very reason, our carefully sought out Christian information is a great help to them.

You can reach our website in the internet as in the following: V - Vereinigte, P - Pfingstgemeinde, M - Mannheim, (which stands for UPC Mannheim) http://www.v-p-m.de (the URL for the international tracts in the various different languages you can find @ http://www.v-p-m.de/traktate/traktate.htm) Pass it on, have fun and may God bless you!

Your Christian Webteam ;-), from Mannheim...de (rw)

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