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Message from the Monthly Flyer from January 2012

Lord, open his eyes that he may see...

This sentence comes from the story of Elisha and his servant when they were surrounded in Dothan by what appeared to be an overwhelming enemy. (2. Kings 6)

- Many of us would probably not have acted like Elisha, but rather would have asked the Lord to eliminate the enemy. However, Elisha simply asked the Lord to open the eyes of his servant, for he knew that there were more on his side than on the side of the enemy.

Elisha was aware of the invisible world around him. This gave him the assurance that God with His army would fight for him if necessary. Elisha merely wanted that his servant would acknowledge this truth. When the eyes of his servant were opened, his fear disappeared and he realised that thevictory was theirs.

How often are we overcome by the things which we see and the cares of this world and, as a result, forget the "invisible world"? As children of God we have more help on our side than enemies and problems on the other side. No weapon formed against us can stand, for he that lives in us is greater than he that is in the world. (Isaiah 54:17 and 1. John 4:4)

Why don't you just ask the Lord to open your eyes, so that you can see and hear the spiritual world which is real? The consequence would be that fears or worries would vanish, and you would be full of confidence and certainty that God would protect you so that you Can live safe and sound.

Lord, open the eyes of every one of us in this new year... sw

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