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Message from the Monthly Flyer from November 2012

It is time for more ...

2 Kings 2:9-14

Verse 9: „And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from, thee. And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me."

The event which is being talked about took place at a time, when Israel only knew their God on account of stories from the past. The relationship of the Israelites to God was reduced to traditions and customs. Most of them did things which completely displeased the Lord (e.g. idol worship). They lived like the heathen and not like the people of God!

It had already been almost 25 years in which Elijah had faithfully served the Lord and the people of God, and now the time had come for his end. Among all the disciples who were prophets, Elisha was the only one who was closest to Elijah, and for whom it was not too much to do the work of the Lord. Elisha would be a good follower as history shows us later on.

The task was greater...
Elisha understood his task and knew that, his capabilities and power would not be enough to bring a whole nation nearer to the will of God and cause them to turn away from their evil works. He would very soon take the place of his teacher and he realized that he needed the anointing of God. The usual and just the ordinary would not be sufficient for the task awaiting him. It was time for more! Therefore, this is the reason for his reply to the question of his teacher who asked what he could still do for him, he answered, "I would like to have a double portion of your anointing."

Their spiritual eyes and ears are open

While both of them are walking they sense that a special wind is approaching; they hear it blowing and they see the fiery chariot with which Elijah travels to heaven. It all happens very fast, nevertheless, Elijah can still hear his faithful friend who is calling after him. As a final gesture of friendship he throws his mantle down, Elijah knew that his best friend would achieve more than he had himself. Elisha grabs the mantle and looks at his mentor for a last time; he will no longer need his old mantle, therefore, he rips it into two pieces.

The coat of the prophet
On the way back, Elisha takes the mantle and hits the water of the Jordan with it so that it parts, and then he crosses to the other side without getting his feet wet. That was his confirmation! The pupil becomes a master and he receives a much deeper spiritual insight than before. The situation in Israel was unchanged at the beginning, however, he becomes more and more renown. He performs double so many miracles as his mentor and serves double so long as Elijah.

It was time for more...
If Elisha had not asked for a double anointing, then only half of the many miracles would have occurred, and his influence on the people would not have been as great. Nobody would have written those other miracles down. His prayers were heard and the supernatural power of God manifested itself through Elisha. For us today, the question certainly could be asked: "What will be written about us?" ...it is time for more! rw

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