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Who is Jesus in the Bible? 
       A short view (Consider the themes of the sixty-six books of the Bible)

When God became a man (Mystery of all mysteries)
       A Bible Study

The Mystery of God Only Known by Revelation

Into His Marvelous Light
       A Bible Study

Speaking in tongues as according to the biblical view
       A thorough Study

The true story about the birth of Jesus
       A short Biblestudy
6 Steps to Salvation
       A short Biblestudy

Steps that lead to eternal life and to preserve it
           PDF Format, 37,1 KB

One God * New Covenant Foretold * Faith * Faith in the Gospel
         PDF Format, 32 KB



Spiritual Growth Lessons

LESSON ONE -- A Life With A Purpose

LESSON TWO -- The Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

LESSON THREE -- The Fruit of the Spirit

LESSON FOUR -- The Love of God

LESSON FIVE -- The Love of God Demonstrated

LESSON SIX -- Our Love Relationship With God

LESSON SEVEN -- The Inner Circle

LESSON EIGHT -- Loving Ourselves

LESSON NINE -- Loving People

LESSON TEN -- A Love for the Lost

LESSON ELEVEN -- The New Commandment

LESSON TWELVE -- Forgiveness

LESSON THIRTEEN -- Love Your Enemies!

LESSON FOURTEEN -- Various Relationships With Jesus Christ

LESSON FIFTEEN -- The Shepherd and His Sheep

LESSON SIXTEEN -- Discipleship


LESSON EIGHTEEN -- The Difference Between a Servant and a Son

LESSON NINETEEN -- A Royal Priesthood

LESSON TWENTY -- The Bride of Jesus Christ

LESSON TWENTY-ONE -- You Have A Ministry!

LESSON TWENTY-TWO -- The Ministry of Worship

LESSON TWENTY-THREE -- The Ministry of Giving

LESSON TWENTY-FOUR -- The Making of a Man of God I

LESSON TWENTY-FIVE -- The Making of a Man of God II

LESSON TWENT-SIX -- The Ministry of Prayer


LESSON TWENTY-EIGHT -- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit I

LESSON TWENTY-NINE -- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit II

LESSON THIRTY -- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit III

LESSON THIRTY-ONE -- How to Know the Will of God

LESSON THIRTY-TWO -- Living a Victorious Life

Spiritual Growth Lessons, written by Missionary Dale Starks

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