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Chinese Apostolic Ministry
Tabernacle of Joy/
The Apostolic Pentecostals of Singapore
Sheung Wan Grace Church (UPC Church)
Pastor Samuel Ma
201-202 Honwell Comercial Centre,
119-121 Connaught Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Wednesday 7:30 PM Bible Study
Sunday: 11:00 AM Churchservice
Tel. 2543 1112
Everyone is welcome!
Taiwan, ROC
7F, No.13, Ming Tzu 2nd Rd, Shin Shin District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC
Kaohsiung UPCI Church

Wednesday, 07:30 pm - Bible Study,
Saturday, 07:30 pm - Prayer Meeting,
Sunday, 09:45 am - Adult Sunday School,
Sunday, 10:30 am - Worship Service (also children Sunday School at the same time)
Sunday, 5:00 pm - Youth Group
Sunday 07:00 pm - Evening Service

More Chinese tracts @

A Valentine's card for you / Eine Valentinskarte fuer dich

Jesus loves you / Jesus liebt dich

The Biblical Experience of Salvation / Die biblische Erfahrung der Erloesung

(PDF, 153 KB, 3 Pages)

基督生平(一) (Series of Chinese Biblestudies)
Life of Christ / Das Leben von Christus

教会历史(一) (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Church History / Kirchengeschichte

灵命增长(一) (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Spiritual Growth 1 / Geistiges Wachstum 1

灵命增长(二) (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Spiritual Growth 2 / Geistiges Wachstum 2

创世记 (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Genesis / 1.Buch Moses

出埃及记(Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Exodus / 2.Buch Moses

旧约历史(一)(Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Old Testament 1 / Altes Testament 1

旧约历史(二) (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Old Testament 2 / Altes Testament 2

旧约历史(三) (Series of Chinese Bible Studies)
Old Testament 3 / Altes Testament 3

A Biblestudy (3 Parts)
Eine Bibelstudie (3 Teile)

Part 1
(PDF, 474 KB, 6 Pages) (download takes a little time/Download dauert etwas)

Part 2
(PDF, 803 KB, 8 Pages) (download takes time/Download dauert)

Part 3
(PDF Format, 396 KB, 6 Pages) (download takes a little time/Download dauert etwas)

Online - Bibles / Online Bibeln

Chinese Union Version Bible

16 Different English Bible Translations (with Search)

Bible in Hebrew/Greek & English with Strong's

6 English Bible Dictionaries (with Search)

6 English Bible Dictionaries (Alphabetical order)

e-Sword Bibles in many languages and great Biblestudy tools *Free download*

The Gospel to all nations >>> Look up countries and missionaries

名 神;上帝;造物主;名 祈求;祈祷式;请愿书;极少机会;名 基督教;名 圣经;经典;权威的书籍 ;耶稣基督;耶稣 ;名 优美;可爱;魅力;善意;偏爱 ;名 天空;天堂;神;天国;极乐 ;名 教会;寺院;礼拜;教派;名 真理;真伪;真相;诚实;精确度;名 洗礼;浸信礼;命名式;名 后悔;悔改;名 罪.罪恶;过错.违反;罪过或愚蠢的事;名 饶恕;宽容性;名 预言家;发言人;提倡者;名 预言;神意的传达 Apostolic tracts, Apostolic tracts in Chinese language, International Apostolic tracts, Apostolic tracts in many languages, chinesische Traktate, Chinese tracts, Bible Studies in Chinese language, Christian information in Chinese language, chinesische Bibelstudien, christliche Information in chinesischer Sprache, chinesisch apostolisch, apostolic truth in Chinese language, Apostolische Traktate in chinesischer Sprache, Ein Gott chinesisch, One God Chinese